Turbine blades and hub assembly dropped in the ocean

Swedish energy company Vattenfall said turbine parts fell into the sea at the Ormonde Wind Farm six miles (10km) off the coast at Barrow, Cumbria. Debris from the incident could be widespread according to the operator. The Ormonde  facility was placed in service in 2011 and consists of 30 5-MW turbines. The facility was undergoing maintenance when the equipment was dropped.  
25 Oct 2021

Physicist: "German energy transition will burst like a soap bubble"

“Electricity is the most perishable commodity in the world,” says Kobe. At the same time it is generated, it must also be consumed. However, surplus electricity cannot be stored in the grid. One solution would be to store the electricity that is currently being generated too much. The problem: Germany does not have such storage facilities with the necessary gigantic storage capacity, and they will not be available to it in the foreseeable future. The batteries in electric cars are nowhere near enough to store electricity, quite apart from the fact that nobody will bear the costs for intermediate storage unless they are compensated for it.
25 Oct 2021

Montenegro MP to request probe into Enemalta wind farm deal

The Montenegro wind farm project has been the subject of controversy ever since an Enemalta internal audit found due diligence omissions and a lack of professionalism in the deal. Times of Malta and Reuters last year revealed how 17 Black owner and murder suspect Yorgen Fenech walked away from the deal with a €4.6 million profit after secretly financing an intermediary used to sell the wind farm project shares to Enemalta. 
24 Oct 2021

Wind turbine proposed in Glen; Planning board asking for greater setback distances

The Planning Board is asking developers of a proposed wind turbine project on Reynolds Road to increase the planned setback distances from neighboring properties, but developers say that could result in a greater disturbance to wetlands and the removal of trees. Borrego Solar is seeking approval to construct a single 4.3-megawatt wind turbine on approximately five acres of leased land out of a roughly 191.6-acre parcel located at 411 Reynolds Road.
24 Oct 2021

Murphy reps seek to ease NJ business fears on clean energy costs

Business groups are concerned the changes sought by the state’s Energy Master Plan will prove prohibitively expensive – especially hitting industries that are the largest energy consumers. Cabinet officials sought to assure participants they’re taking their worries into account. "Does it cost a lot of money? Yes. I keep saying that. I’m not going to deny it,” said Board of Public Utilities President Joseph Fiordaliso. 
24 Oct 2021

Net Zero target relies on rise in windy days

Craig Mackinlay, the leader of the Net Zero Scrutiny Group of Conservative MPs and a member of the public accounts committee, warned that if the committee had significantly overestimated the amount of power that turbines would generate, significantly more back-up power could be required from more reliable sources. He said: "These predictions appear somewhat fanciful. The Climate Change Committee seem to be looking at the whole project through rose-tinted spectacles to try and minimalise the unpalatable costs of this whole enterprise."
24 Oct 2021

SNP’s £30million wind farm windfall

Ministers are at the centre of a ‘conflict of interest’ row after raking in millions of pounds from the expansion of wind farms. The Scottish Government has previously been accused of ignoring the protests of local communities to grant permission for hundreds of turbines. Now new figures indicate how much the Government and its agencies have profited from overruling objectors.
24 Oct 2021

Expensive and unsafe

Kay Scheller, President of the Federal Audit Office, gave this lecture at the Energy Law Conference of the Society for Legal Policy and the Association of Family Entrepreneurs on October 20, 2021 in Berlin. The issues raised in the speech are critical is assessing the rush to build more wind and renewables. Below is an English translation of the speech from the original German. The Federal Audit Office, or Bundesrechnungshof is the primary federal authority for federal audit matters in Germany. 
22 Oct 2021

Wind turbines and adverse health effects: Applying Bradford Hill’s criteria for causation

Environdis6365-5998161_163941_thumb This important analysis concludes that living or working near IWTs can result in adverse health effects (AHEs) in both people and animals. The findings provide compelling evidence that the risk of AHEs should be considered before the approval of wind energy projects and during the assessment of setback distances of proposed and operational projects. The abstract and conclusion of this report can be found below. The full paper is available at the document links on this page.
22 Oct 2021

Irate farmers blast environmental harm caused by solar array

With Dominion, like many other utilities around the country, eager to jump on the renewable energy bandwagon, more fiascos like the one in Louisa County – whether courtesy of Big Solar or Big Wind – are in the offing. The Biden administration is eager to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, come what may. That burden will fall disproportionately on rural areas, where arable land will be used for industrial-scale wind and solar projects.
21 Oct 2021

Renewables giants nixed from clean energy index

Seven of the 15 companies removed from the Global Clean Energy Index are American, including solar and wind giant NextEra, a $160 billion company that’s taken heavy advantage of government subsidies to grow its portfolio. A NextEra representative declined to comment.
21 Oct 2021

Icebreaker wind project proposed for Lake Erie needs to find more financing soon

If the Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. (LEEDCo), the non-profit behind Icebreaker, is not successful in securing additional financing by the end of the year, the Department of Energy will likely rescind what’s left of the $50 million grant it extended to LEEDCo nearly a decade ago, advocates said. That would almost certainly spell the end of the Icebreaker, said Will Friedman, president and CEO of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority.
20 Oct 2021

Reporters find it hard to tell truth about renewables

Climate writers should know intermittent energy from wind and solar cannot support grid-scale power 100 per cent of the time. It needs to be backed up with energy storage. This is why former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull launched the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro scheme, the cost of which has blown out from less than $3bn to more than $6bn, according to Giles Parkinson at the RenewEconomy website.
17 Oct 2021
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