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Gusts of opposition hit Kenyan wind farm project

A planned $144 million wind farm project in Central Kenya has run into opposition from farmers who fear being forced to sell their land and allege that the wind turbines could cause health problems. ...protests over the project have left one dead and led to the Nairobi-Western Kenya highway being blocked briefly in February. A lawsuit by farmers seeking to stop the project until their questions are answered has been filed in Kenya's courts, a protest leader said.
21 May 2015

Kenya: Construction of Kinangop wind farm suspended

The Kenyan Supreme Court suspended the construction of the 60 MW Kinangop wind energy facility. The 13 billion shilling project was to beging construction in two weeks. The suspension decision follows a request made ​​to the Court by a group of Kinangop residents who feel that the construction of the facility encroaches on their properties.
25 Mar 2015

Kenya: Kinangop residents in court over wind power project

"The administrative and security forces in Nyandarua and Nakuru Counties have been deployed to intimidate and to violently suppress the project objectors resulting in the death of one man, serious injuries to four people and the arrest of five people on February 24," they alleged in their notice of motion.
24 Mar 2015

Wind power firm regrets shooting to death of teen

The Ngong Wind Power farm in Kajiado County under construction on July 24, 2014. The company putting up a wind-power plant in Nyandarua has expressed its regrets over the death of a teenager following protests over the implementation of the Sh13 billion project. ...Meanwhile, a family whose land the firm will set up a turbine has claimed that they had not been party to the talks, despite being among those affected by the project.
26 Feb 2015

Work resumes on Katsina 10MW wind farm

It would be recalled that work on the wind farm project was abandoned in 2012 following the kidnap of the site engineer, Francis Cologne, a French Man. ...Following his sudden kidnap, work on the project initially billed to be commissioned in 2012 was abandoned.
27 Nov 2014

Kenya wind farm signals hurdles for Obama program

Kenya was supposed to be one of the easiest targets. It is considered a business-friendly country accustomed to working with foreign companies ...Many say they didn't realize they would have to vacate so much land for the wind turbines. Mr. Kinyanjui recalls with pride that the last time the company came, they had to bring four truckloads of police for security.
4 Aug 2014

Africa’s largest wind farm runs into cash woes

The would-be largest wind farm in Africa is grappling with delayed financing, which is particularly hurting the construction of a power transmission line from the 300-megawatt Lake Turkana Wind Power Project (LTWP). The Spanish contractor, Isolux Corsán, which is implementing the Kenya project, is yet to access funding from its financiers
14 May 2014

Two vulture species in Africa at risk of extinction due to wind power project

In a move that still astounds conservationists, in 2011, Classical Environmental Management Services released a report that did not mention the two vulture species and even went so far as to say there were no major environmental flaws to prevent the wind farm project from proceeding. ...Experts agree, the wind power project poses a dire threat to the two vulture species and will lead to their extinction if it continues.
5 Feb 2013

World Bank agencies delay Lake Turkana wind project

The delay has been occasioned by international financiers who ...want certain assurances before they sign onto it. Essentially, they boil down to two things; one, power distributor Kenya Power stands to incur heavy penalties if it is unable to take up power from the wind farm. ...The second issue is whether Kenya Power can be relied on to buy the power.
21 May 2012

Wind farm developers face new risk under ‘Rebid' model

The wind industry faces other challenges in South Africa, including fierce aesthetics-related complaints against wind farms by the public in certain regions, particularly those close to tourist destinations on the West Coast, and private nature reserves and game farms that are concerned about negative effects on tourism.
12 Aug 2011

Wind farm plan worries monks

Benedictine monks living in the hills outside Grahamstown are angry about plans to build a wind farm near their monastery. Brother Timothy Jolley, the Mariya uMama weThemba Monastery prior, yesterday said the Anglican monks feared the noise and visual impact of the 135m turbines would forever destroy the "contemplative life" they had worked so hard to achieve over the past 12 years.
23 Feb 2010
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