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Wind farms, environmental disasters

Environmentalists do not classify wind farms as having the same negative impacts on an area's natural beauty and habitat which other conventional projects would simply because they are willing to sacrifice an area's natural beauty, all the wildlife and some endangered species as well for natural renewable energy. This would be fine if wind farms were really contributing to reducing fossil fuel usage. However, nothing could be further from reality.
12 Aug 2011

Wind park OK'd, 3-2

Supervisor Lena Fowler said there were unanswered questions about whether the project might affect bird and bat migration, and the supervisors spent some time adding clauses to give an advisory group more ability to suspend operations during migration periods, and asking questions of Arizona Game and Fish. "How can we study the natural state of a species when we've already disturbed it?" Fowler asked.
10 Feb 2011

White Hills wind farm explained

BP Wind Energy held three public meetings last week with the Bureau of Land Management to inform the public about its plans for a 500-megawatt wind farm near White Hills. ...[BP Wind Energy Business Development Director Daniel Runyan] agreed that there would be some noise while the turbines were operating, and the turbines could kill some birds and bats, but they would likely have no effect on large game animals, such as deer. BP and BLM are still working on wildlife studies.
14 Dec 2009

Public questions impact of wind turbine project

Noise, property values and the visual impact on the desert landscape were several issues brought up Wednesday night concerning a proposed wind turbine project in Mohave County. BP Wind Energy of North America is seeking public comments for an environmental impact statement for the project. BP Wind Energy proposes to erect 335 wind turbine generators along with roads, power lines and substations.
11 Dec 2009

SunZia comment period extended

The proposed SunZia Southwest Transmission Project seeks to deliver wind-generated electricity to western area markets and load centers. The proposed parallel lines would run through federal, state and private lands. ...According to a U.S. Bureau of Land Management news release, SunZia's proposed route for the 460-mile lines would originate at a substation to be constructed in Socorro County or nearby Lincoln County.
18 Jul 2009
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