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Cal Fire: Wind Turbine Generator Caused Wildland Fire that Charred 367 Acres

Asked directly whether the generator that caused the fire was an actual wind turbine, Captain Ewing confirmed, "Yes ma'am." He also confirmed that ground had been cleared around the base of each turbine, the blaze swiftly spread to become a wildland fire despite those precautions. Captain Ewing did not know the precise cause of the turbine malfunction.
31 Jul 2012

MOJAVE DESERT: Military wants to limit wind development

Using a laser pointer, a Navy official outlined on a map a vast area where the military wants to limit commercial wind development. The pointer swept across the Mojave Desert, skirting around Las Vegas, and edging near San Bernardino County's High Desert communities and touching the southern Sierra Nevada range.
21 May 2012

Is wind becoming a victim of eco-sabotage?

These cases remain open, according to a spokesperson for the Tehachapi substation of the Kern County Sheriff's Department. The extent of the problem may also be understated because the incidents fall under the jurisdiction of at least three separate substations in Tehachapi, Mojave and Rosamond.
18 Aug 2011

Wind farms could interfere with flight patterns, radar systems, military says

The Department of Defense says six large-scale wind farms proposed in the Mojave Desert near Barstow would interfere with military operations and should not be built. The military opposition prompted Houston, Texas-based Horizon Wind Energy last week to withdraw applications for three of the wind farms, said Greg Miller, the renewable energy program manager for the Bureau of Land Management's Desert District. The bureau is handling the applications because the wind farms would be on public land.
1 Jun 2010

What happened at the wind farm?

At a January 28 public scoping meeting, Boulevard Planning Group Chair Donna Tisdale asked the California Public Utilities Commission and the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs to conduct a formal public health and safety investigation. All 75 blades from all 25 turbines were removed and only some of the FAA required lights are working," Tisdale wrote. "There is speculation that the high winds flowing across the composite blades created an electrostatic discharge that then arced between turbines damaging the blades and the electrical system."
10 Feb 2010
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