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Burning wind turbine in Rhede (Germany)

A police spokesman reported that the fire initially broke out in the nacelle at around 3 o'clock on Friday morning and spread to the entire turbine. One blade of the wind turbine fell off after a short time while large parts of a second blade followed. Although the third blade did not burn, it threatened to fall after the nacelle was largely destroyed. 
12 Oct 2018

Regular refresher training could prevent wind farm fatalities

Wind turbine technicians are at risk of fatal accidents or serious injury without regular refresher training, according to a study by researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). Wind technicians struggle to recall key emergency steps within a month of their initial training and need regular practice to maintain their skill level, research has found.
5 Jun 2018

Alinda lost her son in a wind turbine accident

A skipper who at that time sailed past the burning windmill on the Mariadijk in Ooltgensplaat has taken photos of the two boys on top of the mill, who have been later given to their parents. Alinda: 'The photo shows that Arjan and Daan hugged each other. Arjan probably went back through the fire afterwards, and Daan fell off the mill. I don't really want to think about what they've experienced. "
16 May 2018
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