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U.K. Power Prices Soar Above £2,000 on Low Winds

Some coal and gas power stations in Britain were paid double the price of exchange-traded electricity to help plug a gap left by a drop in wind generation on Monday. ...U.K. gas prices are more than three times higher than at the start of the year, as imports from Russia to Europe slowed, and periods with low wind will only increase dependence on the fuel. 
15 Nov 2021

Farmers bring wind farm challenge to High Court

Given the absence of information, it was “impossible”, they say, to conduct a proper EIA assessment and there was also no opportunity for the public to make submissions in relation to this element of the build, which is contrary to European Union law, the applicants claim.
15 Nov 2021

Blade falls off wind turbine on Frøya

Vegard Knudsen, communications consultant at Trønderenergi, tells E24 that they have now stopped all production, taken out all staff and closed to traffic in the park. We are sending in the necessary crew to examine all the wind blades now, he says. The wind facility consists of 14 Vestas V136/4.0-4.2 MW turbines each with a rotor diameter of 136 meters (446 feet). The facility was placed in service on October 1, 2020. According to company information the project was opened to the public on January 1, 2021.  
12 Nov 2021

Norway wind turbines should be torn down, reindeer herders say

The supreme court unanimously ruled on Oct. 11 that the construction of the wind farms in the Fosen district had violated the herders' cultural rights set by international conventions designed to protect indigenous minorities. The president of Norway's Sami parliament, an elected, consultative body representing the indigenous minority, said the only way forward was to remove the turbines. "The court decision must have consequences. And the consequence is that the wind farms need to be removed."
12 Nov 2021

Wind turbine syndrome: in the Tarn: Couple obtains compensation after trial

For Christel and Luc, this judgment of the Toulouse Court of Appeal is a victory after such a long fight. "We are happy and relieved" they say. At first instance, before the court of Castres they had been dismissed. This time, they feel they have been heard. From the start, they had communicated their problems to the operators of the wind farm, to no avail. The head office of the two companies is located in the Deux-Sèvres department. "They produce green energy far from their own door. As for the concerns of local residents, they don't give a damn , " laments Luc.
6 Nov 2021

Freezing wind turbines expansion in France would be 'mistake' - Engie CEO

The CEO of French multinational utility Engie said on Saturday it would be a "huge mistake" to declare a moratorium on wind power development, criticizing proposals from the far and center right. Catherine MacGregor's comments came amid an active anti-wind movement in France, notably supported by Xavier Bertrand, the leading conservative contender in the presidential vote who says he opposes any "archaic growth" of wind turbines.
30 Oct 2021

The wind turbine failures behind Europe's energy crisis are a warning for America

Ralph Schoellhammer, an assistant professor of international relations at Webster Vienna Private University in Vienna, Austria told Newsweek Europe had failed to address major issues arising from the energy transition. "The current energy transformation in Europe is probably the greatest geopolitical blunder since World War II, the last time when misguided ideologies plunged millions of people into what can justifiable be called the darkest period of human history," Schoellhammer said. ..."More expensive energy will affect the development potential for billions of people around the world, and particularly in Africa. The refusal of Europeans to make cheap energy available will lead to massive migration movements in the future," he said.
27 Oct 2021

Physicist: "German energy transition will burst like a soap bubble"

“Electricity is the most perishable commodity in the world,” says Kobe. At the same time it is generated, it must also be consumed. However, surplus electricity cannot be stored in the grid. One solution would be to store the electricity that is currently being generated too much. The problem: Germany does not have such storage facilities with the necessary gigantic storage capacity, and they will not be available to it in the foreseeable future. The batteries in electric cars are nowhere near enough to store electricity, quite apart from the fact that nobody will bear the costs for intermediate storage unless they are compensated for it.
25 Oct 2021

Montenegro MP to request probe into Enemalta wind farm deal

The Montenegro wind farm project has been the subject of controversy ever since an Enemalta internal audit found due diligence omissions and a lack of professionalism in the deal. Times of Malta and Reuters last year revealed how 17 Black owner and murder suspect Yorgen Fenech walked away from the deal with a €4.6 million profit after secretly financing an intermediary used to sell the wind farm project shares to Enemalta. 
24 Oct 2021

Net Zero target relies on rise in windy days

Craig Mackinlay, the leader of the Net Zero Scrutiny Group of Conservative MPs and a member of the public accounts committee, warned that if the committee had significantly overestimated the amount of power that turbines would generate, significantly more back-up power could be required from more reliable sources. He said: "These predictions appear somewhat fanciful. The Climate Change Committee seem to be looking at the whole project through rose-tinted spectacles to try and minimalise the unpalatable costs of this whole enterprise."
24 Oct 2021

SNP’s £30million wind farm windfall

Ministers are at the centre of a ‘conflict of interest’ row after raking in millions of pounds from the expansion of wind farms. The Scottish Government has previously been accused of ignoring the protests of local communities to grant permission for hundreds of turbines. Now new figures indicate how much the Government and its agencies have profited from overruling objectors.
24 Oct 2021
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