Library from Germany

Germany “We are heading for a disaster” - Lower Saxony warns of the end of wind power subsidies 22 Aug
Europe Germany Wind farm versus living space: Construction project threatens indigenous culture 6 Aug
Germany Prices near ceiling as another German onshore wind auction falls flat 25 Jun
Europe Germany As wind power grows in Europe, so does resistance from locals 19 Jun
Germany Merkel cabinet shocks sector with proposal for negative bidding at offshore wind auctions 3 Jun
Germany Breakthrough in Germany's wind and solar energy dispute 19 May
Europe Germany UK Renewables Infrastructure Group acquires stake in German wind farm, exits Swedish project 15 May
Europe Germany Six-hour negative pricing rule damaging offshore wind revenues 30 Apr
Germany Angela Merkel is climate chancellor for one day 29 Apr
Germany German government defeats plan to abolish fines for wind power projects 2 Apr
Europe Germany Denmark Wind turbine firms close Spanish factories as coronavirus restrictions tighten 1 Apr
Europe Germany Germany’s maxed-out grid is causing trouble across Europe 31 Mar
Germany Merkel-states wind power crisis talk cancelled on Coronavirus precedence 12 Mar
Germany German conservatives resist wind power, but not for reasons you’d think 13 Feb
Germany German onshore wind turbine growth slowed sharply in 2019: industry 29 Jan
Germany What German households pay for power 24 Jan
Germany Wind turbine bursts into flames near Germany's Bodenwerder 17 Jan
Germany The tragedy of Germany’s energy experiment 8 Jan
Germany German carbon targets at risk from wind power slowdown: think tank 7 Jan
Germany German government may offer 'silence money' for living near windmills 3 Jan
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