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Wind Farm Project Has Opponents

The Cotterel Mountain Ridge is home to wildlife, a place for people to hike and recreate, it provides a scenic view for Albion residents, and soon it could be the next wind farm in Idaho if Boise based Windland Incorporated gets it's way.
4 Aug 2006

Idaho a pioneer in wind projects?

Exergy already operates one wind farm in the state — Fossil Gulch Wind Farm located at Bell Rapids in the Hagerman area. And the company has 10 more projects on its drawing board. Like many wind power producers, Exergy and Carkulis will be keeping an eye on the upcoming release of a state utilities’ wind integration study to see just how friendly the state is to wind power.
24 Jul 2006

Got green power?

Director Bob Boren reported that the Idaho Consumer-owned Utilities Association (ICUA) has passed a resolution to get hydroelectric power reclassified as "green" energy. The resolution next goes on to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association for consideration at the regional and national levels.
23 Dec 2005

Wind Energy and Idaho Falls

43 wind turbins on a mountainside are by definition a scarring of Idaho's natural beauty, and one would think that before such a facility would be approved it would be brought before the public.
7 Dec 2005
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