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Idaho lawmaker pushes wind moratorium bill

Idaho House Bill 527 would restrict local, county and state agencies from approving or issuing new licenses or permits for wind turbine construction or operation. Those turbines being targeted are those that exceed 100-feet high or produce more than 100-kilowatts of electricity.
20 Feb 2012

Group targets wind farms; Advocates want stricter rules to prevent bird deaths

"Most wind energy projects that are already in operation are in ongoing violation" of the act, since most birds killed at wind farms are protected, the petition says. The conservancy group alleges a "systemic failure" by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to enforce the law. The conflict highlights an ongoing tension between conservationists and a rapidly expanding industry seen as the linchpin of a clean energy future.
26 Dec 2011

Firm drops Colton wind farm plan

Based on that data, he said, the company has recently concluded the wind there "isn't of commercial grade." "It blows, but not often or hard enough to justify the investment," said Walsh, a business developer based in Iberdrola's Portland, Ore., office.
9 Nov 2011

Idaho wind companies get 2nd chance to build projects

What ultimately happens to the wind projects remains to be seen, but the Idaho commission and staff are trying to be fair to developers and ratepayers, said Ben Otto, an energy analyst for the Idaho Conservation League. "I think what I've seen is they're really worried about customers paying too much," he said.
30 Oct 2011

Idaho wind projects seek Oregon rates

"This is a blatant attempt to manipulate and avoid the Idaho commission's rates, rules and regulations that are designed to implement PURPA and protect Idaho Power's customers," the company states in its petition to the PUC. The developers argue that the PUC is prohibited by federal law from regulating qualifying PURPA projects.
23 Aug 2011

Battle highlights unsettled power market

Currently, the state commission is trying to figure out how best to determine just how much solar developers should be paid by utilities for their electricity. That's to the chagrin of at least one developer, Interconnect Solar of Boise, which fears a delay ordered last week so the state could get a handle on things could doom its project.
18 Aug 2011

Idaho PUC to hear wind rates arguments

On Wednesday, the Idaho Public Utilities Commission announced it will hear oral arguments between the developer of four proposed Cassia County wind projects and Rocky Mountain Power on June 9. Exergy Development Group, of Boise, is asking for oral arguments in response to Rocky Mountain Power's request to dismiss Exergy's complaint against the utility.
27 May 2011

Idaho PUC to hear oral arguments in wind dispute

Rocky Mountain Power filed a motion to have the complaint dismissed, alleging Exergy did not - and still does not - have the necessary interconnection and wheeling agreements with Raft River Electric Cooperative and the Bonneville Power Administration needed to deliver the wind projects' output to Rocky Mountain Power territory.
25 May 2011

Idaho PUC considers what's next for Idaho's green energy

The PUC will hear from developers, utilities, their customers on how the projects can be regulated to prevent them from overwhelming the utilities with unwanted electricity. Wind is especially troublesome, utilities say, because it's too intermittent and unreliable to make up a major piece of the power picture.
26 Apr 2011

Despite threat, Idaho's Exergy sticks by projects

Hawkins insists the proliferation of tall, white turbines is driving up utility customers' rates and encroaching on private property rights of neighbors who live in their shadow. "This is creating a wealth machine for risk takers that foists the risk on ratepayers and taxpayers," he told the AP. "Tax avoidance, essentially, that's what this is all about."
18 Apr 2011
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