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As ethics charges fly, wind farm siting bill dies

Before the 11-8 vote, however, Rep. Janice McGeachin told the House State Affairs Committee on Wednesday that she knew of two lawmakers who hadn't publicly disclosed their personal financial ties to wind projects while voting on a previous measure this session to extend a tax break for wind energy developers.
6 Apr 2011

Wind farm bill concerns Cassia County officials

Loertscher's bill defines terms and sets out procedures and minimum standards for the placement of wind energy facilities. It would forbid counties from approving a turbine when its base would be less than 2 miles from a residential property line, unless the property owner waived the issue.
5 Apr 2011

Idaho Power, unhappy with the fast growth of the wind industry, cautiously looks to the skies for the future

Idahoans who have watched the debate over wind power in the Legislature and the Idaho Public Utilities Commission may remain skeptical. ...utility officials say solar power has the potential to fit Idaho Power's needs far better than wind. Both are intermittent sources. But the sun shines when it's hot outside, and that's when people use more power.
27 Mar 2011

Future of Idaho wind energy hinges on expiring tax break

The rebate program that exempts renewable energy developers from paying the state's 6 percent sales tax is set to expire on June 30. Meant to give the fledgling industry a foothold in Idaho when it passed the Legislature in 2005, the rebate has become central to the industry's business plans for the Gem State. Loss of the rebate would dull Idaho's competitive edge over other states.
27 Feb 2011

New guidelines would temper wind energy development effects

The FWS recently released a draft of its voluntary guidelines for land-based wind energy project development in an effort to encourage responsible selection of project locations. The tougher guidelines could affect the China Mountain wind farm proposed for southern Twin Falls County, among others in Idaho, because they define "mitigation" as avoiding potential wildlife problems.
24 Feb 2011

Sales agreements with four wind projects approved

Idaho Power said it would accept these four projects to comply with its federal PURPA mandate to accept power generated from qualifying renewable facilities but, at the same time, stated that the "continuing and unchecked requirement" for Idaho Power to acquire additional intermittent generation regardless of the utility's need for additional energy "increases the price its customers must pay for their energy needs."
18 Feb 2011

Commission adjusts size cap for wind, solar projects

In today's order, the commission states the utilities have made a "convincing case," to temporarily reduce the eligibility cap for wind and solar projects only until these issues can be resolved. The 100-kW cap does not include all types of renewable projects, such as biomass, hydro, geothermal and anaerobic digestion, because these types of projects do not pose the same type of issues as those posed by wind and solar.
7 Feb 2011
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