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Idaho needs more power but parts of Oregon object

About 900 new plants, most of which produce renewable energy, were proposed last year, compared with 300 in 2004, said Glenn McGrath, an analyst with the federal agency. “Regardless of where you go, there’s always some issues—whether it’s bats, whether it’s birds, whether it’s wealthy landowners who don’t want their view interrupted,” said Dan Shreve, wind-energy research director at consulting firm Wood Mackenzie. “As a consequence, you see these initiatives drag on forever.”
30 Dec 2019

Idaho PUC OKs new rules for renewable energy

The three-member commission that regulates the state's three monopoly electric utilities denied Idaho Power's request to curtail existing wind power plants during low demand except in emergencies ...But it also limited the size of wind and solar plants eligible for a simple published power price to only 100 kilowatts, forcing larger developers to negotiate with utilities on rates and credits.
19 Dec 2012

FERC initiates unprecedented enforcement action against Idaho PUC

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will seek to enforce an earlier order against the Idaho Public Utilities Commission over wind power projects near Murphy. The federal commission oversees electric and natural gas delivery policy. Its ruling says the Idaho commission violated federal law when it denied an appeal by developers for three Murphy Flat wind power projects.
21 Nov 2012

Can Idaho Power turn off the wind?

A federal energy decision raises more questions about whether the utility has the power to shut off existing wind plants even if it saves customers money. Idaho Power officials say they are preparing to appeal a federal ruling that challenges company efforts to shut down wind farms during periods of low demand.
7 Oct 2012

Idaho Public Utilities Commission gives Idaho Power Co. room to negotiate

Given the fact that, in 2012, Idahoans are on the hook to pay $65 per megawatt-hour for wind power under those non-negotiated rates, when they could be paying $24 for power on the open market, that's a logical conclusion. We live in a region with reliable, relatively clean, inexpensive hydro power that last year accounted for 63 percent of Idaho Power's output.
6 Aug 2012

Wind turbine moratorium killed in House committee

Andrus also believes the main problem is the control of the market. “I think the solution is to do away with the incentives and let the free market take care of itself. We’ve encouraged these people to come to Idaho offering these incentives. Getting rid of the incentives is the answer,” he said.
22 Mar 2012

Idaho lawmaker pushes wind moratorium bill

Idaho House Bill 527 would restrict local, county and state agencies from approving or issuing new licenses or permits for wind turbine construction or operation. Those turbines being targeted are those that exceed 100-feet high or produce more than 100-kilowatts of electricity.
20 Feb 2012

Idaho wind companies get 2nd chance to build projects

What ultimately happens to the wind projects remains to be seen, but the Idaho commission and staff are trying to be fair to developers and ratepayers, said Ben Otto, an energy analyst for the Idaho Conservation League. "I think what I've seen is they're really worried about customers paying too much," he said.
30 Oct 2011
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