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Rocky Mountain Power explains December outage

At the May 12 commissioners meeting Solomon said that the utility's contingency plans counted on backup power from wind generation to help keep the power on during scheduled maintenance to the Goshen Substation, south of Shelley. Unfortunately, as is normal in subzero temperatures in Idaho, there was no wind Dec. 3.
14 May 2014

Bulgarian court overrules hefty fees on renewable energy

Protests over high electricity bills - partially due to a surge in expensive green energy - toppled the government in the European Union's poorest country. ...The new rulings are likely to deepen the crisis in its troubled energy sector.Seeking to meet its 2020 target to have 16 percent of its energy coming from renewable sources, Sofia offered preferential tariffs for green energy and dozens of Austrian, Italian, American and South Korean investors rushed in.
15 Mar 2013

More allegations fly over wind farm near Blue Earth

Contractor Fagen Inc. asked a federal judge for an expedited ruling on who owns the nearly completed Big Blue Wind Farm in southwestern Minnesota. Fagen, a construction company, alleged that the project's financially struggling original developer, Exergy Development Group of Idaho, has tried to extract a "dubious and unearned" $2.6 million fee from the contractor.
29 Oct 2012

Poll: Idahoans blow cold on wind

Idaho Power has been forced by federal law to add more than 400 megawatts of wind power to its system in the past five years. The investor-owned utility has asked the PUC to reduce the price it must pay, shorten the contract period and even curtail the requirement that the company buy power from existing wind plants when it means turning off cheaper coal plants.
15 Oct 2012

Federal regulator: Idaho Power must buy wind power

Idaho's wind industry has won a major victory over Idaho Power in a ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Associated Press reports. FERC ruled that federal law doesn't allow a utility company to unilaterally curtail electricity purchases during times of light load when it has long-term power purchase agreements in place, like those Idaho Power has with wind-energy producers.
20 Sep 2012

As Exergy hits hard times, an ill wind blows

The signs suggest Exergy pushed too hard, spent too much and extended itself too far. Unfortunately, and perhaps unfairly, this one company's problems can reflect poorly on an emerging wind sector. Exergy's implosion is particularly ill-timed because, while the PUC deliberates, the wind industry also is locked in a public relations showdown.
2 Sep 2012

Idaho's Exergy sued for missing turbine payments

Exergy Development Group LLC of Boise failed to pay up to $37.9 million for 32 turbines that were to be transported to Idaho from Pennsylvania, according to the lawsuit filed by a unit of AES Corp. in U.S. District Court in Idaho. Arlington, VA.-based AES said Exergy signed the contract on May 25 and made an initial, non-refundable deposit of $1.7 million.
28 Aug 2012

Wind developer seeks to halt local projects

A prominent Idaho wind energy developer has asked to pull out of contracts for projects in Twin Falls and Lincoln counties. The circumstances of the move by Boise-based Exergy Development Group highlight the ongoing debate over wind and other renewable energy sources in Idaho, and how state regulators should treat them.
19 Aug 2012

Exergy halts work on wind farm

Carkulis said he decided to halt the projects after it became clear Exergy would not get them done by the end of the year, which the company had to do to obtain an up-front payment of a federal investment-tax credit that is due to expire Dec. 31.
17 Aug 2012

Idaho Power takes on wind with Internet ads

The ads are part of a coordinated campaign by the investor-owned utility to persuade state regulators, political leaders and the public to stop or dramatically reduce the amount of wind and other renewable power it has to buy. The Idaho Public Utilities Commission will hold hearings next month on the terms of contracts between renewable energy developers and utilities.
15 Jul 2012

Idaho Power says adding more wind to its system will cost more money that someone has to pay

When wind power hits 1,000 megawatts and above, the cost of integrating that power explodes, and the utility isn't certain it can operate its system without forcing some wind plants to shut down. Incorporating more wind power would dramatically increase Idaho Power's costs because it would limit the company's ability to use its low-cost hydropower.
12 Jul 2012

Firm drops Colton wind farm plan

Based on that data, he said, the company has recently concluded the wind there "isn't of commercial grade." "It blows, but not often or hard enough to justify the investment," said Walsh, a business developer based in Iberdrola's Portland, Ore., office.
9 Nov 2011

Idaho wind projects seek Oregon rates

"This is a blatant attempt to manipulate and avoid the Idaho commission's rates, rules and regulations that are designed to implement PURPA and protect Idaho Power's customers," the company states in its petition to the PUC. The developers argue that the PUC is prohibited by federal law from regulating qualifying PURPA projects.
23 Aug 2011

Idaho PUC to hear wind rates arguments

On Wednesday, the Idaho Public Utilities Commission announced it will hear oral arguments between the developer of four proposed Cassia County wind projects and Rocky Mountain Power on June 9. Exergy Development Group, of Boise, is asking for oral arguments in response to Rocky Mountain Power's request to dismiss Exergy's complaint against the utility.
27 May 2011

Idaho PUC considers what's next for Idaho's green energy

The PUC will hear from developers, utilities, their customers on how the projects can be regulated to prevent them from overwhelming the utilities with unwanted electricity. Wind is especially troublesome, utilities say, because it's too intermittent and unreliable to make up a major piece of the power picture.
26 Apr 2011
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