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Dropped turbine part could lead to lawsuit

A claim might be filed against the Port of Lewiston after a wind turbine component being unloaded from a barge dropped 8 to 10 feet. Omega Morgan, a company involved in handling the cargo, sent the Port of Lewiston a notice of intent to file a claim that doesn’t specify an amount after an Oct. 23 mishap involving a base of a wind turbine tower, Port Manager David Doeringsfeld said.
12 Nov 2020

Idaho needs more power but parts of Oregon object

About 900 new plants, most of which produce renewable energy, were proposed last year, compared with 300 in 2004, said Glenn McGrath, an analyst with the federal agency. “Regardless of where you go, there’s always some issues—whether it’s bats, whether it’s birds, whether it’s wealthy landowners who don’t want their view interrupted,” said Dan Shreve, wind-energy research director at consulting firm Wood Mackenzie. “As a consequence, you see these initiatives drag on forever.”
30 Dec 2019

Energy project would build new reservoir near Mountain Home

The scope of the project is excessive, said Wendi Combs, a homeowner on Anderson Ranch Reservoir who opposes the project. Combs said that’s especially true of the wind farm, which is proposed to run from near Lime Creek, which flows into the eastern side of the reservoir, all the way to past Little Camus Reservoir and Anderson Dam, occupying a total of 23,000 acres.
14 Jun 2016

Rocky Mountain Power explains December outage

At the May 12 commissioners meeting Solomon said that the utility's contingency plans counted on backup power from wind generation to help keep the power on during scheduled maintenance to the Goshen Substation, south of Shelley. Unfortunately, as is normal in subzero temperatures in Idaho, there was no wind Dec. 3.
14 May 2014

Sage grouse need habitat and solitude

A new study led by a U.S. Geological Survey biologist reaches a simple conclusion: Do not disturb the sage grouse. Steve Knick's work shows that 99 percent of active leks, or breeding sites, are in areas with no more than 3 percent of the land disturbed by humans for uses such as roads, power lines, pipelines and communication towers.
24 Apr 2013

Bulgarian court overrules hefty fees on renewable energy

Protests over high electricity bills - partially due to a surge in expensive green energy - toppled the government in the European Union's poorest country. ...The new rulings are likely to deepen the crisis in its troubled energy sector.Seeking to meet its 2020 target to have 16 percent of its energy coming from renewable sources, Sofia offered preferential tariffs for green energy and dozens of Austrian, Italian, American and South Korean investors rushed in.
15 Mar 2013

Idaho PUC OKs new rules for renewable energy

The three-member commission that regulates the state's three monopoly electric utilities denied Idaho Power's request to curtail existing wind power plants during low demand except in emergencies ...But it also limited the size of wind and solar plants eligible for a simple published power price to only 100 kilowatts, forcing larger developers to negotiate with utilities on rates and credits.
19 Dec 2012

FERC initiates unprecedented enforcement action against Idaho PUC

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will seek to enforce an earlier order against the Idaho Public Utilities Commission over wind power projects near Murphy. The federal commission oversees electric and natural gas delivery policy. Its ruling says the Idaho commission violated federal law when it denied an appeal by developers for three Murphy Flat wind power projects.
21 Nov 2012

Idaho's power line route reveals clashing values, dueling processes

The decision to toss out two routes across the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey area that had been negotiated by the involved parties has brought ire from local, state and national Idaho politicians. At the same time, it has brought praise from a national environmental group seeking to preserve the protections of the landscape-conservation system that includes the Birds of Prey area.
5 Nov 2012

More allegations fly over wind farm near Blue Earth

Contractor Fagen Inc. asked a federal judge for an expedited ruling on who owns the nearly completed Big Blue Wind Farm in southwestern Minnesota. Fagen, a construction company, alleged that the project's financially struggling original developer, Exergy Development Group of Idaho, has tried to extract a "dubious and unearned" $2.6 million fee from the contractor.
29 Oct 2012
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