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Lake Land College removes, disassembles damaged wind turbines

Lake Land College has removed two wind turbines after they suffered enough damage to render them inoperable. "The situation with the two 100 kW wind turbines is a snapshot of renewable energy in the United States in 2017," said Joseph Tillman, the division chair and Lake Land College's renewable energy instructor and coordinator. Wind is going to be around for a while, but other forms of renewable (energy) are gaining in use. 
14 Jun 2017

Third wind turbine blade breaks in East Central Illinois

  For the third time in 17 months, a wind turbine blade manufactured by General Electric has broken off at an East Central Illinois wind farm. The latest incident occurred about 9 p.m. Nov. 20 in Vermilion County at the California Ridge Wind Farm operated by Chicago-based Invenergy. Another turbine blade broke in that same wind farm in November 2012, following a June 2012 blade break at the Settlers Trail Wind Farm near Sheldon.
22 Nov 2013

Turbine damage raises concerns for Livingston County wind farm

In light of recent turbine damage in Vermillion and Champaign counties, Livingston County officials have raised concerns regarding the wind farm in their county. Last week, a blade broke at the recently built California Ridge Wind Farm in Vermillion and Champaign counties. The turbine is near Route 49 and Vermillion County Road 2700 North, a few miles southwest of Potomac and south of Armstrong.
5 Dec 2012

Firm tries to find why wind turbine blade broke

The firm that operates the recently built California Ridge Wind Farm in Vermilion and Champaign counties said it is looking into how a wind turbine's blade broke on Tuesday night. Chicago-based Invenergy LLC released a statement Wednesday, saying that one of the wind farm's 134 turbines "experienced a broken blade last night" but how the damage occurred was not immediately known.
29 Nov 2012

An Ill Wind? -- Broken turbine blades bother nearby resident

Ellsworth came from Germany to live in rural Marseilles 17 years ago with her husband, who is from Morris. She researched the operating record of towers, primarily in Germany, where she said they have much longer experience. As a result of this experience, she said Germans never erect wind towers any closer to a home than one mile. "Blades can tear off and be like missiles," she said.
28 Jul 2010

Did blowing winds break the blades?

Miner said crews are examining the two towers to see if there is any damage to other components. At any rate, a crane will be brought in and the blades replaced. The replacement process will take at least a few weeks. About one year ago, another blade broke in the same area. In that case, high wind caused the damage.
27 Jul 2010
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