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Why wind farms would jeopardize our safety

Many are aware that one of the world’s largest wind energy developers, E.ON, has proposed building large industrial wind farms in both Gibson and Posey counties. This development has been met with great resistance in both counties due to their close proximity to the Doppler Radar station in nearby Owensville. 
25 Oct 2019

Wind turbine opposition continues at meetings

The trend for Cass County Commissioners meetings lately continued Monday with a packed room and criticism voiced toward a proposed wind turbine project in the northern part of the county. Dave Redweik, Twelve Mile, told commissioners that a petition calling for half-mile setbacks from property lines for industrial wind turbines is now up to 1,554 names.
6 Feb 2018

Legislative committee to study wind

A meeting has yet to be scheduled for the committee this summer, but when they do meet, they are charged with specifically studying the construction of wind power devices in Indiana, along with the health effects, public safety implications, issues of property valuation, policies defining conflicts of interest and issues concerning economic development.
14 Jul 2017

Area wind project dealt huge blow

“The Board of Zoning Appeals went through that massive hearing, reviewed the evidence and did a superb job of analyzing the information and making their decision,” Snyder said. “So I think from the standpoint of the (decision), Judge Bailey’s standpoint is very detailed and clearly shows the connection between the evidence that was presented and the 2,300-foot setback.” 
3 Jun 2016

Cause of turbine blade break unknown; Study to determine cause of break may not occur until late March

It stands idle on the northeast side of Tipton County, one of its three blades broken off. But more than two weeks after wind turbine G14 lost its blade, it is still unclear why, and when the turbine will be back up and running. A representative of E.On who asked not to be identified said Tuesday that the company is in the process of acquiring a rare crane, which will be brought to Tipton County to disassemble the entire turbine hub.
19 Feb 2014

Ivy Tech teacher dies in fall on Lafayette campus

An Ivy Tech Community College faculty member died today after he fell from a wind turbine used for teaching on the Lafayette campus. Craig Porter, 36, was the chairman of the energy technology program. As a result of the death, classes are canceled today. Classes will resume Thursday.
2 Nov 2011

Aviation board: It's not up to us

While downplaying the impact of their decisions on a potential wind farm in southern Henry County, members of the aviation board here are moving forward with the construction of a new runway. ...Going back to the FAA could delay the runway construction project by about a year.
30 Mar 2011

Wind turbine comes down, officials meet

Conklin said the damaged part would be shipped off to an independent source for study. He said the possible causes for the failure included: mechanical defect, design flaw, or damage in transportation. He said as the turbine was being brought in to town on State Route 227, the long semi-trailer "bottomed out," leaving gouges in the road. Stephen said the damaged part would be subjected to actual forensic study. She and Conklin said Performance Services Inc. (PSI), which owns the two wind turbines, and Nordic WindPower, which provided the turbines, sent their "A Team" to Tuesday's meeting.
1 Mar 2010

Zoning board says ‘yes' and ‘no' to windmills

Members of the Elkhart County Board of Zoning Appeals got a taste of the wind power debate during their meeting Thursday morning. One petitioner's bid for a wind-powered generator was granted and another denied. ...Anita Miller, a nearby neighbor of Ntende's, voiced her concerns over possible dangers, such as electrical surges or falling debris due to the proposed windmill's proximity to surrounding homes and electrical lines.
17 Apr 2009
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