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OSHA inspecting TPI Composites; GE 'closely monitoring' employee injuries

An employee complaint alleging exposure to chemicals and inadequate protective equipment has sparked a new OSHA investigation at TPI Composites, a wind blade manufacturer in Newton. Iowa Labor Commissioner Michael Mauro said OSHA inspectors have been inside the plant in recent days. The agency, which he oversees, has received at least one OSHA complaint since a Dec. 17 Des Moines Register investigation explored the working conditions at TPI.
9 Jan 2018

Is wind power saving rural Iowa or wrecking it?

"They're just greedy," said Fleenor, 64, who, with his wife, Diane, built their dream home seven years ago in Ida County and planned to retire there. "I'd move if I could," said Fleenor, who struggles to sleep because a large bank of windows designed to give him a bucolic view of a pond he built is filled instead each night with synchronized blinking red lights mounted on top of the turbines.
21 Apr 2017

Black Hawk County's first wind towers rejected

 Jane Albright Lee, whose family farms near the proposed site, said wind farms that have been cropping up across the state are a threat to agriculture. "It's going to come at a steep price for the neighboring farmland, if wind turbines continue to sprout up across America's best agriculture land," she said. "I hope you consider that agriculture is what Iowa is."
26 Aug 2015

Turbine noise is supervisors' topic

Scott Rueter is fed up with the wind turbines that are near his home and with the company that owns them. Rueter, who was scheduled to voice his complaints to the board of supervisors at their last meeting but canceled because of illness, spent about an hour with the board on Tuesday. He said that the noise from the 2.5 megawatt turbines which are located near his home just east of Harris is overwhelming.
11 Dec 2008

Wind power: not just stupid, but dangerous

Last week the old feeder drove through NW Iowa. My route used to offer pleasant scenery most of the way from the feedlot to my destination. I get off of I-29 at Onawa and take the county blacktops to Arnolds Park. For the last 10 years, a growing part of the drive has been through a wind farm. Its like driving through a hellish, whirling machine. Almost everyone agrees that these monstrosities are hideous eyesores. Nobody with any sense of the rural aesthetic wants them anywhere near where they live. ...Now the scenic Iowa roads between Galva and Peterson are studded with the ugly contraptions as far as the eye can see. Perhaps portending worse to come.
6 May 2008

Quarry use concerns Mitchell County residents

Members of the board of adjustment unanimously approved a special exemption allowance to Ulland Brothers. The company, which is based in Austin, Minn., wants to use rock from the quarry to build access roads for a nearby project to erect a wind turbines. ...Blasting and crushing can only take place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Residents will be notified before blasting takes place. "A siren signal will sound before we start any blasting," said Valerie Raverty, aggregate manager for Ulland. "We don't foresee any problem with notifying people with phone calls, either."
4 Apr 2008
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