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Wind farms in the future? County zoning wants to be prepared

No wind farms have yet moved to Plymouth County, but the county zoning board doesn't want to be caught unaware. The board met last Monday to start hashing out requirements should anyone propose to build a wind turbine farm in the county. ...The zoning board also discussed banning wind farms in the Loess Hills, an option several board members supported.
8 Sep 2009

Clive council considers moratorium on wind turbines

The moratorium, expected to last three to six months, would give city officials time to craft an ordinance and work together with other cities to create a consistent ordinance to govern the use of wind turbines in the metro. Currently, Clive city officials know of only one resident, Kevin Babb, who plans to install a wind turbine.
23 Jul 2009

Des Moines metro area weighs rules for turbines

Growing interest in wind power has prompted Des Moines-area leaders to consider a uniform ordinance to provide consistent regulation of small-scale wind energy turbines in residential areas. Rules currently vary among Iowa cities on whether residents can add wind turbines on their properties. Some cities have banned turbines, while others regulate their size. Others do not allow turbines on small lots, but do on larger parcels. Members of the Metro Advisory Council, a group of elected officials, recently decided to examine how best to handle wind power projects.
21 Jul 2009

Johnston council could revise wind turbine policy

Because of growing trend, city wants to make ordinance more detailed; it will be voted on later this month. Johnston is the latest in a list of Des Moines area cities to consider regulations related to construction and use of wind turbines. ...Councilman Gerd Clabaugh is wary of allowing an increased presence of turbines in a community that is growing both residentially and commercially.
10 Jul 2009

Waukee City Council starts vote on turbine ordinance

Three members approve, but two absent leaders still have to vote. Waukee became the latest Iowa city to address wind power on Monday, when its City Council voted on an ordinance that would allow wind turbines in only a few areas within city limits. ...The ordinance will require two more votes before it can take effect.
10 Jul 2009

Wind turbine ordinance altered

During the second reading and action of an amendment to the zoning ordinance concerning wind towers and turbines during the Clinton County Board of Supervisors' meeting, a county resident and businessmen voiced concerns and additional information concerning wind farms.
7 Jul 2009

Wind farm, home location ignites debate

A public hearing and first reading of amendments to the Clinton County Zoning Ordinance sparked discussion concerning reverse setback limits concerning wind farms Wednesday at the Clinton County Board of Supervisors meeting. Paul Ketelsen, planning and zoning administrator, presented an amendment to the zoning ordinance concerning wind harvesting towers.
2 Jul 2009

W.D.M. passes restrictions on wind turbine locations

Homeowners who want a wind turbine on their property will need to have at least an acre of land, the West Des Moines City Council decided Monday. That decision runs counter to a recommendation from the Plan and Zoning Commission last week to eliminate a lot size requirement for residential turbines that generate electricity. "This is uncharted territory for us," Councilman Jim Sandager said. "We certainly can go back and review it. We wanted to err on being more conservative."
25 Sep 2008

W.D.M. mulls wind energy rules; City Council, Plan and Zoning Commission working out regulations

Wind turbines may soon be allowed on West Des Moines residential properties, but proposed requirements would severely limit where in the city they could be located. Under the proposal, only lots that are an acre or larger are eligible, which disqualifies a majority of residential property. ...Chittenden said the city must find a delicate balance. "We're trying to respect the wishes and desires of residents, but we must also have some protection for neighbors as well," he said.
16 Sep 2008

Council puts regulations on wind turbines

The Marshalltown City Council Monday looked to put some regulations on electricity-generating wind turbines. The move came on the heels of Marshalltown's first application for a large-scale wind turbine which was proposed to be put on a property off of Merle Hibbs Boulevard. While the turbines have caught on in rural areas, they have been slow to infiltrate urban areas. "There's nothing addressed in the section at all about wind turbines," said City Planner Stephen Troskey. "This section is all new."
29 Jul 2008

100 wind turbines going up from Carroll to Breda

MidAmerican Energy is developing a 100-turbine wind-power project in Carroll County that will stretch from just inside Carroll's two-mile limit to Breda. The $300 million turbine project started in recent days with the construction of access roads and other initial work, Tom Budler, Mid-American's general manager for wind power, said in an interview with the Daily Times Herald. MidAmerican plans to move swiftly on the project. "It will absolutely be on the line by the end of 2008," Budler said. ...Budler and other MidAmerican officials were in Carroll Monday for a city council meeting to discuss a proposed ordinance that would affect seven of the 100 turbines. Those seven would be in the jurisdiction of the city, and officials want more information about height, setbacks and possible impact on other development before any ordinance goes into effect.
24 Jun 2008

City board defers to council on setting windmill policy

Members of a city review board unofficially agreed Tuesday that installing a personal wind turbine on a residential property just inside the Marshalltown city limits would be a good fit, but they held off from steering the beginnings of a residential wind turbine policy that currently does not exist. "There are a litany of other issues. I have very little problem with your property," Board of Adjustment member Sherm Welker told Garland and Julie Schossow, who sought a variance to the 35-foot height limitation at their 1811 E. Merle Hibbs Blvd. home in order to put up a 71-foot tall windmill, "but if I say yes to you, how can I justify a no to somebody else? We're making up the rules as we go and even though we have the authority, I don't know if that's in the public's best interest."
22 May 2008

Supervisors approve Terramech loan

In other discussion, Clay County Zoning Administrator Tammy McKeever talked to the supervisors about possible changes to zoning ordinances in unincorporated areas of the county. McKeever noted the prevalence of wind turbines since zoning ordinances underwent an extensive review 18 years ago. "Right now, the way the zoning ordinances read is: We have a setback of 50 feet all the way around," for turbines, McKeever said. "Well, that's pretty close to a road and pretty unheard of in zoning. ...McKeever explained that county zoning has two major roles -- to protect prime agricultural land and to ensure individuals have an opportunity to enjoy their property. "If you have a wind turbine built 50 feet from your house that you didn't want necessarily, it could infringe on your enjoyment of your property, so that is what we're looking at," she said.
9 May 2008

Quarry use concerns Mitchell County residents

Members of the board of adjustment unanimously approved a special exemption allowance to Ulland Brothers. The company, which is based in Austin, Minn., wants to use rock from the quarry to build access roads for a nearby project to erect a wind turbines. ...Blasting and crushing can only take place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Residents will be notified before blasting takes place. "A siren signal will sound before we start any blasting," said Valerie Raverty, aggregate manager for Ulland. "We don't foresee any problem with notifying people with phone calls, either."
4 Apr 2008

New wind farm gets go-ahead

Plans for a $600 million 300-megawatt wind farm in North Iowa are moving forward. The Iowa Utilities Board granted a regulatory waiver last week to Horizon Wind Energy to create its Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm in Howard and Mitchell counties. The waiver allows two of the 12 lines receiving electricity from the turbines to be over the 25-megawatt limit. Construction is expected to begin this year, said Doug Jones, senior project manager. Jones and other local company officials work out of offices in Grand Meadow, Minn. ...The company also got a waiver of property owner notification requirements. State regulators say it's not necessary since wind projects don't have the same noise and environmental issues as gas or coal-fired facilities.
5 Mar 2008

New wind farm planned for Western Iowa

Officials with California-based Clipper Windpower are announcing plans to create one of Iowa's largest wind farms near the western Iowa town of Adair. A second company, Invenergy of Chicago, wants to construct another wind farm nearby in Adair and Cass counties. Invenergy development manager Ben Hach says they already have easements from landowners near Casey, south of Interstate 80.
8 Aug 2007

Clipper plans for Iowa's largest wind farm

California-based Clipper Windpower Inc. is working on plans to create Iowa's largest wind turbine farm, producing up to 300 megawatts of electricity near Adair. The company already has other wind energy operations in Iowa, including a 200-employee wind turbine assembly plant in Cedar Rapids. Clipper's announcement is the latest example of Iowa's growing wind energy industry, including wind farms and the manufacture of wind turbine generators. Alliant Energy, for example, announced plans in April to develop the state's largest wind farm, a 200-megawatt operation, also near Adair. Clipper's project, however, would be larger in terms of electrical generation. Newton is hoping to become the site of a 723-employee factory run by a company that manufacturers wind-turbine blades and other products. Currently 967 megawatts of electricity, or about 5 percent of the state total, are produced by about 950 wind turbines in Iowa, according to the American Wind Energy Association. Clipper, in a statement, says it has secured more than 2,000 acres in the Adair area under Windpark Easement Agreements that provide royalties for each wind turbine placed on a property owner's land. Clipper is still seeking additional land.
7 Aug 2007

MidAmerican plans more wind power

MidAmerican Energy Co. plans to expand its wind energy site in Pocahontas County and establish new wind farms at six other locations, including two more in western Iowa. The Iowa Utilities Board gave MidAmerican the go-ahead to add up to 540 megawatts of new wind energy generation. In conjunction with the regulatory approval, MidAmerican said it would add 75 megawatts, or 50 turbines, to a project under construction near Pomeroy, MidAmerican spokesman Allan Urlis said Tuesday. It originally called for 123 megawatts. The project, being built by enXco Development Corp., is scheduled for completion by the end of this year. MidAmerican officials also are scouting for potential wind energy sites near the cities of Carroll, Spencer, Adair, Charles City, Orient and Walnut, Urlis said.
1 Aug 2007

MidAmerican gets okay for more wind power

State regulators have given Iowa's largest utility the green light for boosting its capacity to generate electricity using wind power. Allan Urlis, spokesman for MidAmerican Energy, says Iowa's quickly becoming a national leader in harnessing the blowing breezes to power our homes and businesses.
1 Aug 2007
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