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Heath OKs wind ban

Speaking as if with one voice, 96 special town meeting voters quickly and unanimously approved the Planning Board's zoning bylaw amendment banning "industrial scale" wind turbines from being built within town borders.
27 Feb 2013

Doreen Reilly files zoning-violation complaint against Kingston Wind Independence

Reilly, who lives less than a quarter mile from the KWI Turbine on Leland Road, has been one of a plethora of residents claiming ill-health effects stemming from shadow flicker and infrasound generated by the KWI Turbine. Yesterday, Reilly filed a zoning complaint against the KWI Turbine with Kingston Zoning Enforcement Officer Paul Armstrong.
22 Feb 2013

Proposed turbine law remains far too little

Far from offering residents any real protection, this latest proposal will have the likely outcome of inviting smaller turbines, in larger numbers, that can still be legally sited in very close proximity to residents. Current zoning bylaws in Fairhaven permit citing turbines in every type of zone as a so-called municipal project.
26 Dec 2012

Wind turbines becalmed

“I have always been of the opinion that these behemoths don’t belong in our backyards,” Buechs said. “There is a place for them,; we do need them; but I urge this board to support this bylaw, to move it along to Town Meeting.” Garrett’s was the decisive vote, resulting in a recommendation to support a moratorium.
15 Sep 2012

Windwise fight isn't over by a long shot

The facts are, that in no other place are turbines like these as close to as many homes. They do make noise and obviously they do have an impact on property values. If the wind is blowing in your direction you will hear a constant jet plane sound ...Whenyou see those 400-foot towers with their spinning blades above your roof you can think about the loss of home equity town officials have cost you.
29 May 2012

E-mails reveal maneuvering by town government on turbines

The residents of Fairhaven are not naïve, gullible nor ignorant. The residents are connecting the dots and I believe they see that this project has been handled in a secretive, deceitful and underhanded manner. That the information from the developers is biased when the presenters receive monetary gain by the wind industry. ...With a monetary gain by so many involved in this project, I have to wonder what happens to honesty, integrity and caring to those poor residents living near the turbines.
1 Mar 2012

Foxboro to study wind power

The board initially considered a wind turbine article largely drafted by Kraft Group attorney John Twohig ..."They voted no action because the installation, siting and adjustment of wind turbines is a quickly evolving science and one that they still had significant concerns about, particularly as to the impacts on abutters and nearby residents," Wason said.
26 Feb 2012

Duxbury Selectmen don’t recommend changes to wind facilities bylaw proposed by citizen

Hounds Ditch Lane resident Joanne Levesque took issue with Goldenberg's summary of the state study ...She said the panel that conducted the study indicated that there is insufficient evidence to suggest that wind turbines do or do not have an effect on health. "My fear is you're relying on a committee that wants to deny there is a problem with wind turbines and health impacts."
16 Feb 2012

Slow going for Lenox wind panel

With only a handful of meetings remaining before the Jan. 15 deadline for a report back to the Selectmen, the town's Wind Energy Research Panel is trying to break out of gridlock by pairing off its members in a "speed-dating" approach to research three key issues surrounding the potential municipal wind-turbine project on Lenox Mountain.
7 Dec 2011
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