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Solar co sues feds over offshore Vineyard Wind farm approval

Allco, which is represented by its senior general counsel Thomas Melone, further claims that the DOI has failed OCSLA's balancing test because commercial fishing boats will effectively have to abandon the wind farm's area due to difficulties navigating there. The current plan is for 62 wind turbines. Vineyard Wind's approval was quickly condemned by the fishing industry, which raised concerns about the project's impact on fish stocks and vessel traffic.
20 Jul 2021

Solar executive with ocean views sues Vineyard Wind

In a lawsuit filed yesterday with the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, Thomas Melone argued that federal regulators failed to consider Vineyard Wind’s impact on other ocean users, endangered species and onshore renewable developers. He asked the court to vacate the environmental permit for the 62-turbine project. The lawsuit offers an early test for the next generation of America’s offshore wind farms.
20 Jul 2021

Think twice about clear-cutting forests for solar

The association is among a growing number of environmental and conservation organizations taking the position that, as long as better options exist that will support solar installations, clear-cutting forests for solar is the wrong approach to mitigating climate change. ...ground-mounted arrays consume open space, diminish forest-based carbon sequestration and cooling, fragment wildlife habitat and degrade the other important resource values of our natural lands.
18 Mar 2020

Vineyard Wind project lands in rough waters

The clock is ticking. Vineyard Wind’s utility contracts require the first phase to go online by Jan. 15, 2022. The developer has orders with suppliers lined up that could be jeopardized. There’s also some question about a federal tax credit that expires at the end of 2019. Vineyard Wind has apparently qualified, but that status could be in trouble if certain milestones aren’t met. None of Vineyard Wind’s rivals want to see the project collapse.
13 Jul 2019

More than 100 people ask if Massachusetts energy policy will destroy Moosehead Lake region

Residents said they feared the 500-foot tall turbines would adversely affect the aviation tradition on the lake, culminating every fall with the Greenville Fly-in. “There’s a lot at stake,” McDonald told the group. “The view and the wilderness experience. There’s a future at stake if you want to develop tourism in the area, the turbines pose a serious threat to the region.”
17 Aug 2017

Savoy wind turbine plan sparks Hawley concerns

“It [the project] will require the fragmenting of one of the largest blocks of undisturbed forest in western Massachusetts,” he said. “This project is about money — not about saving the environment.” “And then there’s the well-documented noise issues,” he said. “I’m convinced about 200 acres of our land will become undevelopable for residential use in the future.”
19 Dec 2016

Bourne plans lawsuit against wind energy company

“There will be a lawsuit that will be filed shortly within Superior Court against Future Generation Wind,” Stephen Mealy, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, said Tuesday after the board returned from an executive session to map out a legal strategy against the wind energy company, which is now owned by ConEdison Solutions. The Bourne Board of Health has previously found that the turbines could affect Bourne residents.
28 Jan 2016

Deal struck to sell NH wind farm power to Mass.

Though Iberdrola Renewables hasn’t filed an application for the project yet with the state’s Site Evaluation Committee, the company has signed a 15-year agreement to sell power to a group of Massachusetts utilities. The agreement will benefit Massachusetts’ Renewable Energy Portfolio and its electricity customers, though there are questions about its value to New Hampshire.
7 Oct 2013

Many oppose Mass Audubon turbine plans

C. Gilman of Dennis wrote to Prescott, “As a birder with ties to Cornell University and other ornithology organizations worldwide, I am shocked at the position that you have taken in support of the industrial turbine proposed to be erected at the Wellfleet Bay Sanctuary. It is inconceivable to me that you and [Mass. Audubon] would endorse erection of an industrial turbine to dominate this pristine landscape and to disrupt the natural environment.
9 Sep 2013

Audubon's turbine plan disturbing

As the permitting process for a wind turbine at Mass Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is about to begin, I still can't connect the dots with regard to common sense here. ...Seems so hypocritical to me since, according to its website, Wellfleet Audubon's woodlands attract a wide variety of wildlife, especially songbirds and shorebirds. But apparently a wind turbine isn't in conflict with nature? Really?
3 Aug 2013

My Turn: Revealing results on wind

The symposium's findings suggest that a majority of residents in the two most rural counties in Massachusetts distrust both the productivity claims made for wind power and the reasons given for installing it. Almost unanimously, they value local control over decision-making, and for several reasons cited above, most oppose further industrial-scale projects such as those recently constructed in the northern Berkshires.
31 Jul 2013

New spin needed

This much is clear: many people who live near these towers believe that the structures are adversely affecting their health. Local officials do not need Falmouth's experiences to understand that there is virtually nothing that will placate people when they believe that their health, and their property values, are suffering. Better to clear the air ahead of time before trying to harness the wind.
24 Mar 2013

Hoosac Wind Neighbors Complain of Turbine Noise

Berne said the amplitude of the noise depends on the strength of the wind and its direction The wildlife has disappeared around his home, he said, and the humming and strobe-light effect of the blades wakes his grandchildren. ..."You just can't get away from them, they're constantly going," said Rosalyn Mullette, 75. "We're concerned about the future and being able to stay in this home."
12 Feb 2013

Turbine plan surprised them, residents say; Indian Pond neighbors call project detrimental

With generally favorable press and its cluster of five wind turbines up and visible to travelers on Route 3, the town of Kingston has gained wide attention as a model of green energy in Massachusetts. But some property owners in a high-end neighborhood near the power generators complain the green label was earned at their expense.
8 Mar 2012

Skier wind turbine concerns

For years environmentalist fought ski areas over putting one lift up to a summit for thousands of skiers and riders to enjoy. Now some of these same environmentalists support desecrating entire ridge lines with heavy-duty roadways and giant wind turbines towering 400 to 450-feet with wing spans greater than a 747. I do not get it. How do these big white erections pass as "green"?
6 Mar 2012
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