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Wind turbines and radar mix poorly

Glander went on to write that the Coast Guard may make the same recommendation for Vineyard Wind that it did for the Block Island Wind Farm, a research analysis indicating whether the turbines “produce radar reflections, blind spots, shadow areas, or other effects that could adversely impact safety of navigation.” If there are negative impacts to marine radar, Glander wrote, Vineyard Wind should recommend how to remedy them. If such remedies are necessary, he wrote they should be “funded by Vineyard Wind.”
22 Aug 2019

Fishing for a living is dangerous. Will offshore wind farms make it worse?

Fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. In 2017, over 40 fishermen died while navigating out at sea -- the highest rate of occupational deaths that year. ...Farnham says offshore wind farms will make it worse. That’s because fishermen argue the turbines aren’t spaced far enough apart to allow vessels to safely navigate through them. 
24 Jul 2019

Electrical fire at wind turbine

The fire was confined to electrical equipment on the first floor, said Fire Chief Andy Theriault afterwards. “There was no extension,” he added. Theriault said smoke filled up the tower and eventually vented from the top of the 260-foot structure.
18 Oct 2018

Air Force turbine offline for repairs

The Air Force first shut down the 389-foot-tall turbine, manufactured by Fuhrlander, in May of 2014 after there was an indication the gearbox was failing, Forbes said. Metal flakes were found in some oil, she said. ...It took time to get the funds approved for a new gearbox and a contract to hire a company to do the work. The project cost is $600,000, Forbes said.
23 Jun 2015

Cape Wind foes sue FAA over access to air traffic data

Despite repeated extensions of the date by which the FAA was to provide the documents, the agency never has, and two out of three agency offices assigned to respond to the request have never even acknowledged receipt of letters sent seeking a final determination on the request, according to the lawsuit. The alliance is questioning whether the upgrade to the radar system is adequate to address concerns about air traffic controllers being able to track aircraft in the area of Cape Wind, the organization's president, Audra Parker, said Monday.
4 Mar 2014

North turbine down due to "slight" foundation imbalance

The north turbine is down for maintenance after a routine inspection found its foundation to be slightly off-level. Turbine Developer Sumul Shah said the turbine has slightly sunk into that soil area ...The turbine is expected to remain out of operation for another week so that grout used to steady the machine can have time to dry and strengthen.
30 Nov 2013
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