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Another turbine blade breaks in Huron County

It was the third turbine to break in Huron County in the last 10 months and the second turbine owned by DTE to break down in that time. In March, a turbine blade in Sigel Township broke ...In addition, a turbine was struck by lightning near Minden City at the Michigan Wind Project 2 in September. The turbine, owned by Exelon Energy also lost a blade and was set to be back online this week.
9 Nov 2013

DTE explains broken turbine blade

“The cause for the blade breaking was a carbon failure at the 19-meter mark that was not formed properly,” Buda said. “Failure in the heating oven at the plant caused the blade to break later on.” ...properly made wind turbines can handle wind speeds up to 125 mph.
4 Oct 2013

Predictions of turbine's demise premature

It took four months after the initial breakdown to find and obtain a part from Europe at a cost of almost $38,000. Workers installed the new part on Jan. 4, but it failed two days later. The supplier eventually replaced it after another lengthy search. The part was installed April 16. It lasted three days.
15 Jun 2013

Solar panels potential hazard to firefighters

"We're in the process of developing an operational guideline that we're going to make universal across the county so we're all operating on the same page so if we have to go to a mutual aid call with another fire department, we're all operating the same way." He says there are 15 volunteer fire departments covering all of Huron County.
16 Jan 2013

Airstrips may limit local wind development

The Denmark Township board voted in December to renew its wind moratorium for six months through July 31, 2013. Denmark Township clerk Chuck Heinlein said the township planning commission faces a complex process of determining areas suitable for placing turbines. Heinlein said certain complications for wind development come from the amount of air travel in Denmark Towship.
13 Jan 2013

Is the Mason Co. wind farm a safety hazard?

While wind energy is controversial across Northern Michigan, some residents in the Ludington area say this project actually puts the lives of residents in the community at risk. That is because they believe several of the wind turbines are going to be built too close to gas lines.
8 Nov 2011

Wind turbine's volt transformer shot

An employee of the wind park responded early Thursday morning to "trouble shoot" problems with the wind turbine grid. It was determined someone using a firearm had shot the 34,500 volt transformer. ...A hole was found in the transformer's radiator resulted in damage, which caused oil to leak out.
11 Dec 2010

Wind turbine blade falls off again at Elkton-Pigeon- Bay Port

Smith said brief power outages experienced in the area cause the three turbines to instantly stop and recoil, which fatigues the blades in the area where they are likely to break. When the blades are new, they're more flexible and durable. ...we are going to direct all maintenance employees to approach away from the blades and keep visitors away. The blade ejection happens rarely, but we need to err on the side of safety.
3 Dec 2010

Idled turbine's costs could soar

Public utility officials may end up spending tens of thousands more than anticipated on a broken wind turbine. Traverse City Light & Power's towering wind turbine along M-72 in Leelanau County's Elmwood Township has been idle for more than three months. Officials originally said a failed generator bearing would cost between $15,000 and $20,000 to repair. Then another problem arose.
12 Jan 2010

Wind turbine concerns lead to road closure

A road in Missaukee County was closed for several hours Sunday afternoon and three homes were evacuated as a safety precaution after construction workers became concerned about the stability of a newly-installed 400-foot wind turbine. ...[the homes] were still evacuated out of an abundance of caution in terms of possible flying debris.
20 Oct 2009
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