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Pierson Township Board approves ‘restrictive’ wind ordinance

Pierson Township’s new wind ordinance addresses many “potential harmful secondary effects of wind energy systems,” including falling ice or ice throws, nighttime wind turbine noise-causing possible sleep disturbance, the sound from wind energy facilities possibly impacting people’s health and wellbeing, alternating changes in light intensity caused by the moving blades of wind turbines and shadow flicker possibly causing health issues. The ordinance also notes the township’s desire to protect ecological and environmentally sensitive areas within the township, such as wildlife habitats and bird migration routes.
11 Nov 2020

Wind turbine zoning approved; millages pass

Branch County Concerned Citizens had mounted a campaign to lobby to create the law and to pass it. A petition to put the proposal to a vote was filed after it was passed unanimously by the township planning commission and board. Incumbent supervisor James Smith had to recused himself from votes on the ordinance because he had signed leases with DTE for wind turbines.
5 Aug 2020

County Board continues discussion of proposed wind farm

The proposed 10,000-acre Broadlands Wind Farm has been met with resistance from residents who believe the county’s WECS ordinance does not go far enough to protect neighboring residents. The residents say the property line set backs are not enough to protect their homes from shadow flicker, noise, ice throw, and a run away turbine.
29 Aug 2018

DTE, ITC discuss Sigel farm issues

"What I can tell you is that ITC's route, as proposed, is in the vicinity of a couple of our turbines in our Sigel Wind Park," according to Matt Wagner, Manager-Wind Development, for DTE Energy. "We had an initial discussion with ITC before the holidays, but no decisions were made."
14 Jan 2012

Power line upgrade costs would hit Michigan unfairly

Michigan's elected representatives in Washington should press the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to take a hard look at a plan to beef up electric power lines throughout the Midwest. Without some timely federal intervention, Michigan power customers could end up paying an unfair share of the bill.
29 Apr 2011

Concerns of Thumb Loop aired at planning meeting

The matter was brought up by Huron County Commissioner Clark Elftman, who said he received a call from a concerned constituent who said a representative from ITC Transmission came to her home and was not friendly or willing to work with the landowner. Planning Commissioner Bernie Creguer said he has heard concerns from people as well.
9 Apr 2011

Pull the plug on power plan

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee has introduced legislation that would require FERC to make sure the cost of regulations it approves are related to the benefits that would accrue to the states or regions on which they are imposed.
28 Mar 2011

Appealed: Group attempts to stop transmission line

The stay pending appeal asks the commission to withhold its ruling authorizing ITC to begin construction of its 5,000 megawatt proposed transmission line until the Michigan Court of Appeals hears the matter. ABATE's position for appealing the commission's ruling is that ITC is overbuilding, because a 345 kV double-circuit is not necessary to meet the capacity for power generated in the Thumb.
25 Mar 2011

Consumers Energy executive predicts superhighway to transmit power across Midwest will raise costs for Michigan residents

A plan to build what's described as a superhighway to transmit power between Midwest states is drawing criticism from a top Consumers Energy executive, who say it will raise costs for Michigan residents. CMS Energy Board Chairman David Joos says Michigan would see no benefits, but he predicts Consumers Energy customers could pay several hundred million dollars a year extra for decades.
17 Jan 2011

Thumb Loop electric line OK'd

Company officials announced Thursday ITCTransmission has received approval from the Midwest ISO for the Thumb Loop high-voltage electric transmission line project. The project will serve as the "backbone" of a transmission system designed to deliver wind power from Michigan's Thumb area to locations where it is needed.
20 Aug 2010

Official: Michigan's wind energy will 'die on the vine' without upgrade to state's electrical transmission system

Without a proper connection, wind energy in Michigan may be a moot point. That was the sobering message given Tuesday by the head of the state's electrical transmission company during the opening session of the 2010 Michigan Wind Energy Conference in Detroit's Cobo Hall. ...[ITC Holdings Inc. President and CEO Joe] Welch cautioned wind industry proponents that getting new high-voltage transmission lines sited, financed, permitted and constructed can take years.
21 Apr 2010
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