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NH needs a timeout on wind farm development

Given the stakes for New Hampshire’s future, it seems reasonable to ask project developers to wait a few months so a better process can be put in place to judge projects that once built will impact New Hampshire citizens for generations. The House should pass HB 580 and give us all a chance to make the best decisions for our state.
28 Jan 2014

Bill calling for energy plan moratorium up for a vote

“The Legislature and governor last year agreed that changes are needed in our energy policy and siting rules. In the required citizen workshops held this fall, the vast majority of all participants support linking siting rules to a new policy and more public participation. It is just common sense that with this overwhelming support for change that new projects be held until those changes can be put in place."
27 Jan 2014

Wind backers oppose NH moratorium; vote Wednesday

Opponents argue that wind can never completely replace other power generators, is too expensive and will harm the state’s scenic beauty and wildlife. ‘‘The problem with wind is it’s not a reliable source of generation and it has to be built in places where we traditionally would never build power plants. That means much more transmission is required.’’
21 Jan 2014

N.H. House to take up wind, transmission moratorium

Larry Goodman, a member of New Hampshire Wind Watch, “but you can’t convert coal to wind.” He says because wind is intermittent, new wind farms won’t result in fossil fuel plants shutting down, and the massive towers will spoil the state’s natural beauty. He says he favors other renewables that can be “dispatched.”
21 Jan 2014

NH group seeks delay in wind plan

The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests filed a motion asking the state’s Site Evaluation Committee to suspend its review of the Wild Meadows project. "Now is not the time to push through an important project. It’s time to step back, wait for the process to be fixed and then move forward. We’re not objecting to the project itself."
10 Jan 2014

NH bills target Northern Pass, wind projects

New Hampshire's House is starting the New Year with votes on legislation that would put limits on energy projects like wind turbines and Northern Pass. ...The committee also issued a split recommendation on a bill to establish a moratorium on wind turbine plants and electric transmission line projects. A committee majority recommended killing the bill since the process to site projects is being reviewed. Supporters say a moratorium is needed until the state issues a comprehensive energy plan.
1 Jan 2014

Public Hearing: Site Evaluation Committee needs major changes

Tuesday night in Plymouth the state’s Office of Energy and Planning held its last public hearing on possible changes to the state’s Site Evaluation Committee - which is responsible for approving utility projects ranging from wind farms to Northern Pass - and the theme was that the SEC needs a significant and wide-ranging overhaul before it can be trusted.
18 Dec 2013

Evaluating the Site Evaluation Committee

This week the public has a chance to weigh in on the future of the state’s Site Evaluation Committee.  The SEC reviews major utility projects, including proposed wind farms and the Northern Pass project. The concerns of opponents of those projects prompted Governor Hassan to sign Senate Bill 99.
3 Dec 2013

Wind developer Iberdrola will sell energy to Mass. utilities

What’s more, while the state has okayed three industrial scale wind-farms, the state committee that approves power development denied a project in Antrim in February. Opposition to wind power has also grown steadily in the legislature. Last week at an industry-organized “energy summit” senate majority leader Jeb Bradley said he would fight “tooth and nail” against wind development on New Hampshire’s ridge-lines.
7 Oct 2013

New England anti-wind farm groups oppose development

NH WindWatch is also worried that the problems of other states could occur in New Hampshire. Stories of health problems in other states include that of Luann Therrien, a neighbor to the Sheffield, Vt. wind project, who says her family has been suffering health problems - headaches, nausea, sleep disruption - from the noise of the project's turbines for about a year.
9 Sep 2013

Going 'green:' By force, not choice

In two years, PSNH could not get even 150 customers to pay more each month to buy electricity from "green" sources. These programs raise utility bills by an average of 30 percent, according to NHPR. That is a steep premium to pay so your house can be powered by wind or solar instead of coal or nuclear power. That is why activists try to get governments to force people to go "green."
2 Aug 2013

Poll helps to define energy challenge

You'd think proponents of wind power and those passionate about America's pristine lands would walk hand-in-hand on the issue of renewable energy. You'd assume each side would see the value of a united front. And you'd hope they'd want to avoid the tedious process of appeals and litigation that only serves to maintain the status quo.
17 Jul 2013

New NH law changes criteria for site evaluation of energy projects

The bill requires the Site Evaluation Committee to adopt new rules to clarify siting requirements. The bill originally called for a moratorium on new energy projects until the study was complete. A moratorium would have prevented the Northern Pass transmission project as well as several wind farms proposed on ridges around Newfound Lake from seeking the site committee's approval.
27 Jun 2013

Renewable energy mandates are costly

Recently the New Hampshire Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources amended Senate bill 99, placing a moratorium on new wind electricity generation projects for one year. That's a nice start, but it doesn't go quite far enough. What's needed is a repeal of the New Hampshire renewable portfolio standard mandate. Why? Because ratepayers are being forced to buy extremely expensive electricity when cheaper alternatives are available.
26 Mar 2013
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