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Changes complicate wind farm approval; Route of power line imperils permitting

Senior Assistant Attorney General Peter Roth, who represents the public interest in the case, said this is the first time he has seen a power line route changed in the middle of the application process. ...Additionally, the state Division of Historical Resources recently rejected a submission from Iberdrola that the state agency said lacked sufficient information to address the project's impact on historical aspects of the community.
6 Nov 2010

Overhead power lines spark criticism

The $1.1 billion Northern Pass Project will see a 140-mile-long transmission line built on structures ranging from 90 to 135 feet tall from Quebec to Franklin. The utility will need to acquire a new right of way through Coos County -- 45 miles from the Canadian border.
1 Nov 2010

Will power proposal be 'green'? Conservation groups vow to watch process closely

As Northeast Utilities and Hydro-Quebec begin seeking state and federal approval for the construction of Northern Pass, a $1.1 billion dollar project that would bring 1,200 megawatts of energy from a dam in Canada to southern New Hampshire, environmental groups say that it's too early to tell if the project will end up being truly "green." ...About 50 miles of the power lines will be in new territory, and 130 miles will use existing paths. In the new territory, a path of about 150 feet would be cleared to accommodate the power lines.
17 Oct 2010

Maine trailing N.H. in tapping Canadian power

Maine shouldn't expect lower-cost, Canadian hydroelectricity to flow through the state via new transmission lines in the near future, a top Hydro-Quebec executive said here Thursday. One of the world's largest producers of hydro power, Hydro-Quebec plans to concentrate first on expanding its exports to New England with a line through New Hampshire, according to Christian Brosseau, president of subsidiary HQ Energy Services US.
26 Feb 2010
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