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DEC releases Galloo findings

The conclusion of the state environmental quality review process has led developers to cut two turbines from the plan for Galloo Island Wind Farm. The state Department of Environmental Conservation, which has been the lead agency on the review, released its findings Wednesday. Those findings included the elimination of two turbines to preserve habitat for the upland sandpiper, a state-listed threatened species.
4 Mar 2010

Wind turbine placement should take migrating birds into consideration, ornithologist says

Bill Evans wants to make it clear he's not against wind turbines. "I'm not anti-wind. I'm a consultant who people call from both sides when there's a concern about the impact on migrating birds," he said. Evans, 50, is an Ithaca-based ornithologist who has studied bird migration in North America for more than 25 years. He helped start the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology's research into avian night flight calls in the mid-1990s and in 1998 founded the non-profit group Old Bird Inc.
8 Nov 2009

Wind farm project gets mixed reaction

The 39-turbine Roaring Brook wind farm project in the town of Martinsburg received little public comment Wednesday. And the four people who did speak at the town Planning Board public hearing on the project expressed mixed opinions. "There is insufficient evidence to suggest that birds won't be displaced by Roaring Brook Wind Farm," said Chris K. Lajewski, the Northern New York land steward for the Nature Conservancy.
22 Oct 2009

Birds, bats, and wind

Every state in the northeast has set a target for increasing the amount of renewable energy it produces. Wind power is a big part of this push. Those towers and turbine blades can pose dangers to birds and bats. With more interest nationally in developing wind power, scientists are searching for more answers about the impacts, and how to minimize them.
25 Sep 2009

DEC seeks more Galloo Island studies

The state Department of Environmental Conservation wants to see more studies in the proposed Galloo Island Wind Farm's draft environmental impact statement. Upstate NY Power Corp., backed by Pattern Energy Group LP, San Francisco, plans to build an 84-turbine wind farm on the island rated at 252 megawatts. Recently, Pattern bought out Babcock & Brown Ltd.
22 Jul 2009

More studies of wind farm requested

Comments on the proposed Galloo Island Wind Farm submitted to the state Department of Environmental Conservation criticize the project's effects on birds and animals and ask for public access. DEC collected 22 written comments on the draft environmental impact statement submitted by Galloo Island developer Upstate NY Power Corp. Oral comments were taken at two public hearings May 18. As lead agency, DEC collects comments and then determines whether the draft statement is complete.
14 Jun 2009

Concerns over proposed Hounsfield Wind Farm on Galloo Island

More than 90,000 households could be powered by the proposed Hounsfield Wind Farm on Galloo Island in Jefferson County. "This is a real opportunity for renewable energy in New York State. It's a very unique site. There are not too many islands that, I think, in the New York waters that would be suitable for a wind farm," said Jack Nasca, Department of Environmental Conservation.
18 May 2009

Dangers from above

You may not be aware of this but across America each year thousands of birds of prey are killed at wind farms. The public perception of wind turbines is that of slow moving blades turning in the wind on a ridge line. The power and danger of the prop design wind turbine is not well understood. Probably the hardest aspect for the public to grasp is that of "tip speed." The killer of eagles and all birds at wind farms is blade tip speed. This is what kills and this is what the wind industry does not publicize or put in their environmental documents.
10 May 2009

North Harmony Debates Projects; Town Asks For Public's Opinion

Town officials would like to regulate wind energy and adult entertainment, asking for the public's opinions regarding both issues. ...Supervisor Sally Carlson said about seven people from the Jamestown Audubon Society raised concerns during Tuesday's wind energy hearing about the possibility of commercial windmills within two miles of Chautauqua Lake affecting migratory birds.
27 Apr 2009

Wind projects get wildlife advisory

As several wind power projects finish their supplemental environmental impact statements, the state Department of Environmental Conservation has sent out reminders that projects may need state permits for accidental deaths of threatened or endangered species. Region 6 Wildlife Manager William H. Gordon sent letters, dated Jan. 27, to the towns of Cape Vincent and Clayton addressing BP Alternative Energy's Cape Vincent Wind Farm, Acciona's St. Lawrence Wind Farm and Iberdrola's Horse Creek Wind Farm.
10 Mar 2009

DEC releases report on proposed wind farm

The state DEC office has released a much anticipated draft assessment on possible impacts of a wind farm to be located on a island just off of Sackets Harbor. The project, proposed by a West Seneca Company, Upstate New York Power Corporation, would put 84 wind turbines on Galloo Island, about 12 miles west of Sackets.
5 Mar 2009

DEC gives guidelines for turbine bird studies

Wind energy developers in New York now have guidelines on how to survey potential turbine sites for their impact on birds and bats. Earlier this month, the state Department of Environmental Conservation issued its advice regarding how to minimize damage to bat and bird habitats. "These guidelines set forth DEC's recommendations to commercial wind energy developers on how to characterize bird and bat resources at on-shore wind energy sites and how to estimate and document impacts resulting from the construction and operation of these projects."
17 Feb 2009

Wind farm developer drops oil-spill appeal

The company building the wind plant on Wolfe Island has withdrawn an appeal it had launched to avoid being held responsible for a diesel spill that occurred last fall. Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. had appealed to the Environmental Review Tribunal, an independent provincial agency, after failing to comply with a director's order the Ministry of the Environment issued as a result of the spill. The firm launched the appeal in an effort to have its name removed from the order.
30 Jan 2009

Public should know about windmills' effects

The windmills Windforce LLC are proposing to put on Dan's Mountain are over 400 feet tall the blades are 150 feet long. You will be able to see the windmills from almost everywhere in Allegany County. There are currently only two buildings in Baltimore larger, one in Pittsburgh and one in Cleveland. Do you want our Western Maryland Mountain side destroyed only to bring a profit to an out of town company?
16 Sep 2008

Open house on Cape Vincent wind project

Various people with various opinions, all wishing to find out more information and ask questions about the 142-megawatt, 95-turbine wind project planned for the agricultural areas of Cape Vincent. BP Alternative Energy held an open house Wednesday to inform people of the potential project. The company detailed where they would build roads, place transmission lines and most importantly, put up turbines. ...This project is in the middle of a SEQR process. Environmental, visual and sound studies could be done as early as October.
30 Jul 2008

Iberdrola admits bat concerns affected decision

Iberdrola Renewables is considering options for Horse Creek Wind Farm about two weeks after it told the Clayton Planning Board it was suspending its application. While the company insists it was an internal decision, its representative did admit that the nearby Indiana bat population was a consideration. Indiana bats are an endangered species and there is a hibernation spot near the proposed wind project. The bats also have been affected by white nose syndrome, the mysterious ailment that has killed thousands of bats. The loss of the endangered species to disease has made federal wildlife experts even more sensitive to losses induced by man.
21 Jun 2008
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