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Judge recommends dismissal of Galloo Island wind farm connection request

Citing a lack of substantive activity on the project, an administrative law judge has recommended the state Public Service Commission dismiss an application to construct a 50-mile electric transmission line from Galloo Island on Lake Ontario to the mainland. ...the application "lacks viability at present" and has had a "chilling effect" on landowners and their plans for business development.
27 Feb 2013

Senators try to prevent Quebec transmission line

The senators - led by state Sen. George Maziarz, a Western New York Republican, and joined by state Sen. Patricia A. Ritchie, R-Heuvelton - say upstate jobs are at stake if a $2 billion transmission line proposal is approved because it would squeeze out energy producers in the state, like nuclear power plants, facilities that burn wood to create electricity and wind turbine farms.
15 May 2012

Galloo line path remains in limbo

Mr. Kessel said in May that wind power projects in Jefferson County wouldn't get power purchase agreements after the county's Board of Legislators voted in March to oppose the offshore wind project, which possibly included some off Jefferson County's shores.
18 Apr 2011

Galloo developer pushes NYPA deal

Galloo Island Wind Farm's developer is lobbying state officials to push the New York Power Authority to give the project a contract for its power. Attorneys for Upstate NY Power Corp. have talked to local officials and at least the chairmen, if not the members, of the state Assembly and Senate Energy Committees.
19 Feb 2011

Town considers law against power lines

Mr. Renzi said he would look into the effectiveness of a law that would ban transmission lines. Anne V. Dalton, spokeswoman for the Public Service Commission, said the organization complies with laws in existence. "We don't override laws. We follow them very strictly," she said.
6 Nov 2010

Wind farm routes debated

"While the original proposed route and the other land-based alternatives present the most reasonably economic method of delivering the power from the project to the public, the sub-aquatic alternative has the advantage of being preferable from an aesthetic standpoint," Mr. Burgdorf wrote.
29 Oct 2010

Bottled wind, or where are our electrons going to go?

It is likely there will be both economic and regulatory pressure for those projects to piggyback on the Galloo Island transmission line. ...And the wind farm developers get to optimize their returns and the landowners who are negatively affected by all this will get squat. And the taxes the developers will save with their PILOT agreements will help pay for all this - which is a lot more sad than ironic.
19 Oct 2010

Public input sought in Galloo Island wind-turbine project

Oswego County is once again under consideration to host high-voltage transmission lines for a wind-turbine project to be constructed on Galloo Island in Jefferson County. Upstate Power has proposed to construct a wind farm on Galloo Island, off the shore in Hounsfield, along with a new power line with the capability of transporting 1,000 megawatts south to service downstate consumers.
4 Aug 2010

Power line options aired

Originally, project developer Upstate NY Power proposed a route from Galloo Island to make landfall on Stony Point and run south through Henderson and Ellisburg on its way to a substation in the town of Mexico. That route drew intense public opposition, but it and a similar alternative remain as options.
3 Aug 2010
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