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Tale of two grids: Upstate wind power needs more extension cords to NYC

Simply put, most wind and hydroelectric power is produced in Northern and Western New York, where the supply of electricity exceeds demand. But two-thirds of all the state's power is used in the New York City-Long Island region. Transmission lines between the two areas are already overburdened, and are not equipped to handle the anticipated growth in Upstate renewables, the report says.
19 May 2017

NYS cuts 2017 renewable target

The shortage stems from the PSC’s arbitrary rules, under which only renewables that came online on or after January 1, 2015 are eligible to generate credits. The PSC had inconsistently included in its estimates of available renewables such sources as rooftop solar panels and other behind-the-meter, “customer-sited tier projects” that actually wouldn’t qualify to sell RECs.
13 Dec 2016

Supervisors attempt to unite towns against Article 10

Mr. Engert said during the meeting, the supervisors and their attorneys announced their proposed “coalition of the willing” and its two proposed initiatives to have the state Legislature abolish or revise ...Article 10, which provides for the siting review of new and repowered or modified major electric generating facilities in New York state.
9 Dec 2016

Hydropower, wind owners urge subsidies under New York's clean energy plan

Existing wind farms, hydropower plants and biomass generators want New York to pay them for their contributions to meeting renewable energy targets. If not, they may sell the power they generate to other states or, in the case of wind farms, shut down entirely. ...Theoretically, the price signals sent by New York policymakers would support the company "dismantling the existing wind turbines and selling their respective sites to new generators which could re-erect similar turbines" and get state incentives.
29 Nov 2016

After renewable policies win approval, questions linger about transmission needs

New York just passed one of the nation’s strongest renewable energy policies, but the plan for building out the transmission lines it will need to implement those policies is more uncertain. On Monday, the state Public Service Commission passed the Clean Energy Standard, which mandates that renewables power half of New York’s power grid by 2030, and provides more than $1 billion in subsidies for financially challenged nuclear facilities that would otherwise close.
3 Aug 2016

NYISO cites costs, capacity in Cuomo clean energy plan

Richard Kauffman, Gov. Andrew Cuomo's energy czar, fired back at the New York Independent System Operator Wednesday after the state grid manager publicly criticized the state's Clean Energy Standard in a recent filing reported by POLITICO New York. ...Gavin Donohue, president of the Independent Power Producers of New York, which represents power plant owners, says the state should listen to the NYISO's concerns because the NYISO knows better than anyone what potential impact Cuomo's plan could have on the grid.
14 Jul 2016

NYISO cites costs, capacity in Cuomo clean energy plan

While NYISO was careful to point out that it supports Cuomo's vision, the North Greenbush-based operation said New York would have to add a large amount of new transmission lines and would have to study more how to manage the added renewable electricity generation, which is naturally intermittent, that would be added to the grid. Transmission upgrades and new transmission lines are expensive to build and even more unpopular with residents who don't like to see the large structures near their neighborhoods.
14 Jul 2016

Grid operator warns Cuomo energy plan could raise consumer costs

“Such PPAs unnecessarily transfer the risk that certain resources may not be economically viable from private investors and developers to those that are unable to manage and mitigate such risk — consumers,” NYISO officials wrote. “Significantly, the [Department of Public Service] Staff White Paper does not address the reliability concerns that arise when resources are insulated from the financial consequences of their operation.”
29 Apr 2016

REVving up a new vision; State PSC wants to change the way consumers get electricity

Anne Reynolds, executive director of the Alliance for Clean Energy New York, an Albany-based trade group, says many companies are getting involved in the process to help shape the state's policies. She said they worry that renewable energy companies could lose business if utilities are put in charge of installing solar panels and other forms of distributed generation. There are also questions about how large-scale wind projects will fit into the new policies.
4 Oct 2014
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