Library from New York

New York New York proposes rules to speed renewable projects, but local control, other issues could be contentious 18 Sep
New York NY wind farm wants $21M tax break for 2 permanent jobs 15 Sep
New York As New York pushes green energy, localities bristle at loss of control 5 Sep
New York The US and climate: New York’s bold green plans hit opposition 2 Sep
New York Union workers picketing Cassadaga wind project sites 2 Sep
New York Appellate Court allows 599-foot wind turbines in Villenova 22 Aug
New York Cassadaga Wind facing $70 million lawsuit 15 Aug
New York Construction resumes on Cassadaga wind farm after brief shut down 11 Aug
New York Renewable energy is not all green 7 Aug
Massachusetts New York Offshore wind power vast boondoggle that New York can no longer afford 30 Jul
New York Rural New Yorkers again at the mercy of Albany bureaucrats 25 Jul
New York Tower removal confirms demise of Somerset wind project, supervisor says 22 Jul
New York Apex Clean Energy removes tower in Somerset 22 Jul
New York Industrial Wind Turbines pose tremendous risks to Lake Erie, Lake Ontario 15 Jul
New York Rural New York pays price as NYC benefits 26 Jun
New York In New York, the Town Of Freedom isn’t free from big wind 25 Jun
New York Cattaraugus IDA OKs tax breaks for projects worth almost $12M 11 Jun
New York State's largest wind farm OK'd in Southern Tier, but foes may sue 4 Jun
New York State board OKs Alle-Catt wind farm 4 Jun
Connecticut Massachusetts New York Rhode Island In New York and New England, wind energy projects are “like siting landfills. Nobody wants them.” 1 Jun
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