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Rep. Reineke flips on setbacks

“Based on my continued engagement with the constituents, I have come to the conclusion that no changes should be made to Ohio’s current wind turbine setbacks. Under current law, the setbacks can be reduced if ‘good neighbor’ waivers are reached with affected landowners in the project footprint. Property rights are key and landowners on both sides of this issue have valid arguments. In pursuit of a compromise, it is unfair for one set of landowners to completely win this debate, and property rights should never be subject to a vote.”
28 Jun 2018

Wind turbine setback reform gets mixed reaction, potentially pitting wind against clean energy advocates

A proposal from Ohio Senate GOP leaders to redraw rules determining how far wind turbines can be from adjacent properties is expected to attract billions of dollars in new wind farm investments -- and pit clean energy groups against the wind industry. The new setback rules are part of legislation that would also sharply reduce the decade-old state mandates requiring power companies to supply electricity generated by wind, solar and other renewable technologies. And it would tinker with laws requiring utilities to offer energy efficiency programs to customers.(National Wind Technology Center )
18 May 2018

Deal Reached for Turbine-Damaged Roads

Underwood said that because of the time it took to reach this agreement, the repairs would not be made until the Spring of 2018, making the roads un-plowable. Washington Township and the Engineers Office will be closing Washington Township 85, and portions of 22, and 115 within the next few weeks. 
23 Dec 2017

Senator seeks to ease wind setback rules

No new wind farm applications have been filed with the Ohio Power Siting Board since. Mr. Hite said some projects already approved before the stricter rules took effect would like to take advantage of new technology developed in recent years, but they fear that changing the projects’ designs now would open them to the tighter restrictions.
15 Sep 2017

Turbine safety concerns

The city's motion alleges that representatives of Champaign Wind have failed to contact either CareFlight, a medical helicopter operator, or Grimes Field Airport when determining locations for the turbines, and instead relied solely on a statement from the Federal Aviation Administration that declared that the proposed turbine sites would present "no hazard."
9 Oct 2012

Safety issue idles wind turbine at Clay

Toledo Edison shut down a 900 kilowatt wind turbine installed at Clay High School in May because it is missing a trip switch that would prevent backfeeding of electrical energy to and from Edison's substation. The Direct Transfer Trip switch costs $200,000 ...Edison denied a request from the district for a temporary operating permit to run the turbine until the matter could be resolved. "We can't run that risk."
20 Jul 2012

Broken turbine blade problem found

"Vestas has concluded that the root cause of the failure of the initial blade was due to a wrinkle in the carbon fiber of the spar (the support structure of the blade)," the report reads. "This wrinkle caused damage to propagate to the point of failure after the blade experienced high loads for a low number of cycles."
2 Jun 2012

Crews work to repair damaged wind turbine

Since April 24th, all 55 of the wind turbines on the wind farm have sat quietly in the fields, blades stopped, as crews try to determine exactly what damaged two blades off a turbine, sending debris raining down on the field below. The wind farm is owned by EDP Renewables.
1 Jun 2012
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