Library from Ohio

Ohio Seneca Anti-Wind Union Investigates, Episode 3 - "Property Destruction, Forgery, and Trespassing 5 Feb
Ohio Trial starts in turbine case 25 Jan
Ohio Outdoors: Bald eagles fly into turbulent wind farm debate 25 Jan
Ohio Seneca Co. wind farm project put on hold indefinitely 21 Jan
Ohio Conneaut turbine removal on track 9 Jan
Ohio Wind turbine case set for trial in January 2 Jan
USA Ohio Bird conservation groups sue to try and block ‘Icebreaker’ wind farm project in Lake Erie 12 Dec 2019
USA Ohio Icebreaker Offshore Wind: Complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief 11 Dec 2019
Ohio Wind power supporters argue referendum could kill industry 3 Dec 2019
Ohio New bill would give residents a say in wind farms 12 Nov 2019
Ohio State legislators propose law to let township residents vote on wind farms 6 Nov 2019
USA Ohio Great Lakes offshore wind — possibility or pipe dream? 1 Nov 2019
Ohio sPower refiles Seneca Wind project 11 Oct 2019
Ohio Commissioners clarify county stance on wind 11 Oct 2019
Ohio OPSB hears local testimony about proposed Republic Wind project 13 Sep 2019
Ohio Innogy relinquishes state certificates; leases remain 11 Sep 2019
Ohio Planned Cleveland wind turbine project on hold over application payment issue 9 Sep 2019
Ohio Buckeye Wind I and II withdrawal notices 6 Sep 2019
Ohio Seneca County Commissioners change intervention status to oppose wind turbine projects 15 Aug 2019
Ohio Seneca County Commissioners come out against pair of wind farms 15 Aug 2019
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