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Planning Commission denies wind farm permits

Grove and other commissioners believe wind farms would affect the local economy as well. The county has "spent a lot of money" promoting the Oregon Trail, Grove said during the lengthy discussion. Erecting turbines isn't "preserving an asset in particular interest to the community," he said.
24 Jul 2013

Wind farm proposals spur debate

A standing-room only crowd attended a Baker County Planning Commission meeting Tuesday concerning two wind farms that could be built near Huntington and Lime. The meeting lasted more than four hours. Dozens of residents spoke about the proosals, and most opposed new wind farms.
17 Jul 2013

BPA plan would share costs of wind-power shutdown

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) this week released a new proposal to share the "oversupply costs" that pile up when there is not enough demand for all the electricity produced by hydroelectric dams and wind-power producers. During these oversupply periods, when wind-power producers may be asked to shut down, the plan would compensate them for lost revenue, according to Doug Johnson, a BPA spokesman.
18 Apr 2013

Wind power surpasses hydro for the first time ever in Northwest region

Last Tuesday morning, wind farms plugged into the Bonneville Power Administration's transmission network hit a new generation record of 4,289 megawatts. In fact, earlier the same morning, wind farms exceeded the output of the federal hydroelectric system... there was no brouhaha over excess energy supply as there was last spring. Everyone went about their business and got paid.
26 Oct 2012

Wind-farm debate clouds Steens Mtn. anniversary

This month marks the 12th anniversary of designation of the remote Steens Mountain country of southeast Oregon as a protected area, some of it as federal wilderness. But conservation groups are in court, trying to keep wind turbines and transmission lines off the mountain.
8 Oct 2012

Obama blocks Chinese firm's Oregon wind farm projects

The wind farm sites are all in or near restricted airspace at the Naval Weapons Systems Training Facility in Boardman, Ore. ...The interagency Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States initially recommended against allowing the transaction in July. But only the president can halt an acquisition.
29 Sep 2012

Obama blocks Chinese wind farm plan

Barack Obama said he had decided that Ralls, the company behind the project, "might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the United States," and ordered it to sell its four sites and remove its equipment.
29 Sep 2012

Obama blocks Chinese purchase of small Oregon wind farm project

Obama ordered Ralls Corp., a company owned by Chinese nationals, to divest its interest in development rights for the small wind farms -- with just five turbines each --near the Naval Weapons Systems Training Facility. ...Ralls said it would lose the chance for $25 million in federal renewable energy investment tax incentives if the farms weren't running by Dec. 31.
28 Sep 2012

Obama to Rule on Chinese-Owned Company's Wind-Farm Bid

After conducting an investigation, CFIUS issued an order on July 25 citing "national security risks" raised by the sale of the assets to Ralls and directing the company to stop all construction and operations at the wind-farm locations, according to the filing. ...If the wind farms aren't in service by Dec. 31, then the company won't be able to obtain $25 million in federal investment tax incentives, according to the court filing.
21 Sep 2012

New wind project proposed for Morrow County

Election-year politics and a soon-to-expire federal energy tax credit program could stall or scuttle a proposed wind farm on the gusty open bluffs of northeastern Oregon. The Senate Finance Committee voted 19-5 in favor of a one-year, but the Senate and House must make the final decision to renew. Congress has seesawed in its attitude toward the credit, originally part of the Energy Policy Act of 1992.
6 Aug 2012

In the tug of war over wind power, Steens Mountain is a line in the sand

Wind power, a darling of the renewable energy industry, is getting a push back from ranchers like Davies and conservationists. They worry that the rush to harness wind will have long-term negative impacts on some of America's last unspoiled places. That includes the area around Steens Mountain where impacts to raptors and threatened sage grouse cannot always be fully mitigated.
26 Jul 2012

Protestors turn up at wind farm meeting

Residents of Blake Ranch, a small Morrow County community, protested plans Wednesday for a 310 wind-turbine farm. The four stood with signs outside Heppner City Hall, where Chicago-based wind power developer Invenergy, LLC at the second of two public information sessions unveiled its plans for 61,000 acres east of Heppner.
12 Jul 2012

Lawsuit against wind energy project near Steens Mountain pits green groups against green project

Rancher Hoyt Wilson's remote Mann Lake Ranch headquarters has Steens Mountain's north end for its backdrop. The breathtaking panorama that has gone unchanged since the Western frontier may one day be dominated by dozens of 415-foot-tall wind turbines, part of a $300 million renewable energy project. The project pits spectacular scenery against the production of energy.
3 May 2012

BPA orders NW wind farms to curtail production

The agency, which manages much of the power grid in the Northwest, confirmed it issued the orders during the early morning hours of Sunday and Monday, when demand is low. The action rekindles a dispute from last year, when the agency curtailed wind turbines because the water from a large mountain snowpack.
30 Apr 2012

BPA braces for strong spring runoff, excess power and wind power cuts

It's springtime in the Northwest ...Occasionally, it means more hydro and wind electricity is pulsing into the grid than anyone can use. That's a major problem for wind farm owners ...when BPA can suddenly shut down their output to prevent "over-generation." The cutoffs can mean millions of dollars in lost revenue, and put a cloud over further wind development in the Northwest.
7 Apr 2012
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