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Medford dump transformed into energy farm

The largest landfill in Jackson County is transforming itself into an alternative energy farm that will burn waste methane to produce a steady 3.2 megawatts of power for the next century. The Dry Creek landfill takes in 900 tons of municipal garbage a day. But construction has just started on a powerhouse, which will go online next spring with two large, 20-cylinder Caterpillar engines, to use that decomposing garbage from Jackson and Josephine counties to convert into energy. A third engine may be added later. It's the first green landfill in Southern Oregon. Burning 1,040 cubic feet of methane per minute, its output would continually power about 3,000 homes, said Dry Creek General Manager Lee Fortier, a civil engineer who designed the landfill. Similar green energy farms are in Eugene and Corvallis. Energy will be sold to Pacific Power and fed into the grid.
21 Sep 2006

Oregon governor pushes for renewable energy

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — Gov. Ted Kulongoski is pushing hard to increase renewable energy development in Oregon with a variety of sources ranging from wind to biomass to harnessing the motion of coastal waves. Kulongoski wants 25 percent of Oregon's power to comes from pollution-free, environmentally friendly and renewable sources by 2025.
29 Aug 2006

Wind power, downsized -Projects to power a few thousand homes are springing up in the Columbia River Gorge

When alternative-energy enthusiasts ponder the potential of wind generation, they generally envision huge, 100-turbine projects capable of producing power for tens of thousands of homes. But there's a new, more modest player on the block. It's called community wind, and if pent-up interest is any indication, it's destined for a small but determined place on the Northwest's energy grid.
24 Aug 2006

The Alternatives

Pressure is building for Oregon to require electric utilities to use substantially more renewable energy, such as wind and solar, to power homes and businesses. But a debate looms over whether such a mandate is needed -- or whether it might drive up monthly utility bills.
13 Aug 2006

Woes for wind power - Wind farm development surges in Oregon and nationally, but rising costs and technical issues pose problems

Power resource planners in the Northwest say several factors could buffet the region's wind farm boom. Rising construction costs, strained transmission lines and a limited ability to blend wind's fickle nature with more controllable generation, such as hydro-power, are among the biggest concerns. "Wind is a complex variable," said Jeff King, a senior analyst for the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, a regional organization created by Congress to balance power production and wildlife protection in the Columbia Basin. "It's only very roughly predictable."
27 Jul 2006

Roseburg hits 104 as state sizzles

After the rolling blackouts in California and shortages in the Northwest, utilities and other power producers brought 3,000 megawatts of new generating capacity on line. That was mostly from natural gas-fired plants, said Terry Morlan, director of power planning at the Northwest Power Planning and Conservation Council.
25 Jul 2006

Two projects will triple Oregon's wind power

Both will be built on farmland in Sherman County east of the Cascade Range and south of the Columbia River. There is no firm timetable for completion of either project, but they need to be operational by Dec. 31, 2007, to receive a federal tax credit.
4 Jul 2006

Wind farms on tap in basin

PORTLAND (AP) – PPM Energy, one of the largest developers of wind farms in the country, announced the construction of a 100-megawatt project near the Columbia River in Eastern Oregon.
3 Jun 2006

PPM Energy Announces Two New Wind Farms in Two States

PPM Energy, ScottishPower's competitive U.S. energy business, will begin construction this fall on the 75-megawatt (MW) Twin Buttes Wind Power Project in southeastern Colorado. And in Oregon, PPM just announced construction of the 100 MW Leaning Juniper Wind Project near Arlington, which is expected to be commercially operational later this year.
31 May 2006

More wind farms in the works

As a variable resource, it doesn't produce the nonstop electricity flow of coal-or gas-fired power plants.... But rising natural gas prices have made wind more attractive. Wind developers also benefit from federal subsidies such as a production tax credit.
29 May 2006

PGE Proposes Wind Power Site for Oregon

If the recent agreement between Portland General Electric (PGE) and Orion Energy, LLC for development rights to construct a wind farm capable of producing between 350 and 450 megawatts (MW) of energy at the proposed 25,000-acre Biglow Canyon Wind Farm in Sherman County, Oregon, is approved by the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC), it could produce enough electricity to power 100,000 homes, potentially becoming one of the largest wind power projects in the nation.
14 Apr 2006
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