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Idaho needs more power but parts of Oregon object

About 900 new plants, most of which produce renewable energy, were proposed last year, compared with 300 in 2004, said Glenn McGrath, an analyst with the federal agency. “Regardless of where you go, there’s always some issues—whether it’s bats, whether it’s birds, whether it’s wealthy landowners who don’t want their view interrupted,” said Dan Shreve, wind-energy research director at consulting firm Wood Mackenzie. “As a consequence, you see these initiatives drag on forever.”
30 Dec 2019

State regulators push back on PGE's green energy plan

Bottom line, staff and the ratepayer groups contend that PGE simply doesn't need another wind farm right now, particularly in the Gorge. Wind farms produce lots of energy, but they are inherently unpredictable, meaning they can't be relied on to fill the capacity ...During the region's recent heat wave. wind farms in the Gorge were often producing little to no electricity.
12 Aug 2017

Drama at the Capitol: No-show Senate Republicans block floor session

"This session we've seen the Democrat majority put their partisan agenda ahead of both the needs of Oregonians and the law," his statement said. "Senate Republicans will not work late into the night to fast track an agenda pursued by the Democrat majority that features back room deals between Democrats and special interests and numerous broken promises of collaboration and compromise."
24 Feb 2016

Kitzhaber-backed 'clean fuels' program a hidden tax on gas:

All of these policies are going to make it more costly to produce gasoline and diesel. In fact, that's the intended purpose of so-called "market-based" schemes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By making the energy we need and use every day more costly to produce, other energy supplies — like wind, solar, biofuels and hydrogen fuel cells — will become more competitive. 
26 Sep 2014

Compromise on renewable energy would keep measure off Oregon ballot; Smaller utilities looking for standards to be eased

A recent influx of power-hungry data centers is pushing smaller Eastern Oregon utilities closer to large-utility status. Faced with the prospect of complying with the tougher standards, a lobbyist for the Umatilla Electric Cooperative has been collecting signatures for a ballot measure that would allow Umatilla and other consumer-owned utilities to get around the mandates.
17 Feb 2014

Wind energy of no use in the Pacific Northwest

Bpa-load-graph-jan2014_thumb Over the last several years the Pacific Northwest spent about $5 billion and impacted over 50,000 acres of pristine public land for the privilege of throwing away 9 billion kWhrs of carbon-free energy every year. Just so we can meet an arbitrary state mandate, claim we’re green, and make a few folks lots of money in tax credits, the cost of which gets passed onto the rate-payers and tax-payers.
18 Jan 2014

Oregon panel close to fixing renewable energy mandate to avoid ballot fight

A small group of public utilities led by Umatilla Electric Cooperative asked the Legislature last year to change the definition of qualifying resources under the law to include the region’s massive supply of hydropower. Umatilla is close to going over the three percent threshold, triggering the stiffer requirements. Including hydro resources would let it off the compliance hook.
17 Jan 2014

Near miss on Oregon clean-fuel folly

Taxpayers should be dismayed by the Shepherds Flat wind farm mess, which The Oregonian's Ted Sickinger dissected on Sunday and Monday. They also should be relieved. By the narrowest of margins, the Oregon Senate this year stalled another complex clean-energy program that many Oregonians would regret in several years, long after it had gained too much momentum (and subsidized too many businesses) to stop easily.
27 Jul 2013

NW wind industry slows

You might have seen wind turbines springing up all over the Northwest in the past decade. This year, the region's wind industry has faced a different story. Not a single new wind farms is under construction in the Northwest.
26 May 2013

Renewable energy initiative approved for signature gathering

An initiative that would allow utilities to count all hydroelectric power toward renewable energy requirements was approved this week for signature gathering. The initiative seeks to alter renewable portfolio standards approved in 2007 ...The law prohibits large utilities from counting hydroelectric power generated by dams built before 1995 towards the standard.
16 May 2013

Ralls can question U.S. over forced wind farm sale, judge say

Jackson threw out the bulk of Ralls’s lawsuit against the Obama administration, which focused on whether the president exceeded his power by ordering the company, an affiliate of China’s Sany Group Co., to sell the wind farm assets. “The statute expressly authorizes the president to do what he deems necessary to accomplish or implement the prohibition."
23 Feb 2013

BPA asks feds to reconsider dispute pitting wind farms against dams

The order ignited something of a brush fire in Northwest energy circles, with BPA's public utility customers making a perennial complaint that the feds are usurping control of an agency that, by statute, is supposed to benefit the region. They also reject the idea that BPA should absorb any costs to integrate wind power onto the grid, since the bulk of that electricity is shipped out of state.
7 Jan 2012
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