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Hydro-Québec poised to profit from U.S. thirst for green energy

“The contract with New York is far from being signed,” Pineau said. “The mayor of New York City has said he wants to start negotiating, so that’s a very good sign. If he goes public it means he’s committed. … But it’s never easy. In principle everyone loves renewable energy, but when it comes to the invoice and the price tag, sometimes people have second thoughts.” In the case of New York City, that price tag includes $2.9 billion for U.S. developers to run the line through the state of New York, plus hundreds of millions more for Hydro-Québec to bring the line from the border to the Hertel converter station on Montreal’s South Shore.
9 May 2019

Premier François Legault puts the brakes on $600M Apuiat wind-farm project

“There will be no project as long as Hydro-Québec is in a surplus position,” Legault told a news conference, where he was joined by Minister of Energy Jonatan Julien and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Sylvie D’Amours. The premier said the Apuiat contract would have represented a “potential cost” of $1.6 billion for Hydro-Québec, which estimates it has about 20 years’ worth of surplus energy.
30 Nov 2018

Wind turbine project on Quebec's North Shore quickly spiralling into an election issue

CAQ party members say the $600-million project will come at the expense of Hydro-Québec customers — and it may not be worth the reward at a time when the province has an energy surplus. ...Hydro-Québec says wind energy costs 10 cents per kilowatt hour, whereas other systems can produce electricity for as little as 2.9 cents per kilowatt hour. By 2026, it is estimated that Hydro-Québec will have nine to 13 billion kilowatt hours of surplus electricity per year.
14 Aug 2018

Hydro-Québec moving ahead with contentious cross-border energy corridors amid local dissent

According to ISO New England Inc., a non-profit group focused on transmission systems, between 7,000 and 8,000 MW of generation could be shut down in the next 10 years as state regulators scramble to meet their climate goals. In January, officials confirmed the 2,000-MW Indian Point nuclear facility, located about 77 kilometres north of New York City, would be shut down in 2020.
11 Sep 2017

Hydro power needed to meet state’s 2020 carbon goal

For those inclined to see the glass half full, Massachusetts has made enormous strides in reducing its carbon emissions. Coal-fired plants, the worst offenders, are dying out across the Commonwealth. Investments in energy efficiency have lowered demand. The solar panels sprouting up along the Massachusetts Turnpike are only the most visible of the new generation of green technologies feeding power into homes and businesses.
25 Apr 2016

Consumers would be on the hook for costly Canadian power

To put the cost in perspective, because of their sheer size, the contracts are likely to be six times more expensive than Cape Wind for Massachusetts households, businesses, and communities over the life of the contract. The Hydro Quebec legislation proposed by Gov. Baker would be for 33 percent of all electricity consumed in Massachusetts; the Cape Wind contracts were for roughly 3 percent. This new legislation is a bad idea taken to an extreme.
22 Jan 2016

Anti-windmill protests heat up in St-Cyprien-de-Napierville

Joane McDermott, the spokeswoman of opposition group le Vent tourne, said it doesn't matter whether the promoter is aboriginal, British or otherwise — they don't want the windmills in the area. "We don't want a wind project on agricultural land. We don't want them near houses. We also don't want this surplus of electricity that will cost Quebec a fortune," McDermott said.
15 Jun 2015

Widespread Hydro-Québec outage fuels concern over future reliability in N.H.

Earlier this month, two of Hydro-Quebec’s transmission lines funneling power from James Bay to Quebec went out, causing about 188,000 customers in Canada to lose power during the outage’s peak. The outage meant that more than 2,000 megawatts of power bound from Canada to the New England grid didn’t show. And that drove grid operator ISO-New England to launch reactionary procedures to keep electricity flowing south of the border. 
28 Dec 2014

Quebec's wind energy forecast: Cloudy with an increased chance for pessimism

Quebec’s wind industry is encountering strong headwinds ...Hydro-Quebec is forecasting an oversupply of electricity through 2027. Furthermore, the government-owned utility has linked rising prices in the province to wind energy. In its 2015-2016 rate application request, Hydro-Quebec noted that “the cost of new electricity supplies, mainly wind power” was primarily responsible for its 3.9% requested rate increase.
4 Nov 2014

Fire at Murdochville wind farm

André Minville, director of Murdochville fire service received the call to 1:10 p.m. Wednesday: blazing wind park at Copper Mountain. Mr. Minville and firefighters joined the company technicians NextEra Energy on site. They set up a perimeter and waited for the fire to calm. Nobody was injured. The fire destroyed a blade and the nacelle (central portion of the wind turbine, which contains the generator).
16 Nov 2013
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