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Wind-farm power deal appeal heard

An attorney for the Conservation Law Foundation and another representing Toray Plastics and Polytop Corp. urged the five justices to allow their petitions against a contract for the sale of power from the wind farm to proceed to a full hearing. ..."Every time renewable-energy projects are advanced through illegal methods, it creates a backlash against renewable energy," Elmer said.
7 Apr 2011

Hummel Report on Net Metering

Two years ago, in an effort to promote wind energy, the legislature changed the law on "net metering'' - a practice that allows the owners of wind turbines to sell any power they don't use back to National Grid. It seemed to make sense ...but, as Jim Hummel finds, the change in law opened up a loophole that is now the subject of an investigation by the Public Utilities Commission.
20 Jan 2011

SAMP plan to expand state power over coastal waters up for vote

Deepwater has said time is of the essence to take advantage of federal tax credits that expire at the end of 2012. The company has paid $3.2 million to defray the cost of the SAMP. Another $2.8 million has come from the state; $700,000 came from the U.S. Department of Energy and $2 million from the federal stimulus. The plan's creators say the source of money had no impact on the results of the plan.
19 Oct 2010

Carcieri legacy tied to wind farm

Political observers say if the wind farm moves forward, Carcieri's name would surely be tied to it. On the other hand, a rejection would deliver a blow to a governor preparing to exit office. "To get this thing through would be part of his legacy," Moakley said. "I think he sees it that way and ... I think he genuinely believes in that project."
17 Jul 2010

Carcieri signs wind farm legislation

Governor Donald Carcieri signed new wind farm legislation into law Tuesday, keeping the proposed Block Island wind farm in play for another round before the Public Utilities Commission. The law calls upon the PUC to consider a renegotiated power contract between Deepwater Wind and National Grid.
21 Jun 2010

Law sets new standard for approval of wind farm

It took the state Public Utilities Commission five-and-a-half months to decide that the price of wind power in a proposed agreement between National Grid and Deepwater Wind was too high. Under a new law that took effect Tuesday, the commission will have just 45 days to rule on a revised contract being negotiated by the largest electric utility in Rhode Island and the state's preferred offshore wind developer.
16 Jun 2010

Deepwater deconstruction

But the way a bill was written for Deepwater Wind in the General Assembly lacked the kind of transparency and concern for oversight that the public expects. (The bill did get better, with the role of the Public Utilities Commission apparently being properly restored, among other improvements.) The idea that it should start with an expensive eight-turbine "demonstration project" never made that much sense to us.
14 Jun 2010

Carcieri set to sign wind farm legislation

Gov. Donald L. Carcieri said he plans to sign legislation passed by the General Assembly on Thursday that could speed the development of a proposed offshore wind farm. The House and Senate passed each others' versions of the legislation on Thursday ...The bill directs the R.I. Public Utilities Commission to revisit the contract between wind farm developer Deepwater Wind and National Grid.
11 Jun 2010

Block Deepwater's end-run around PUC

Under the guise of supporting renewable-energy projects, a pair of bills designed to remove the Public Utilities Commission from its traditional role of regulating the acquisition and distribution of electricity to citizens have been racing through the Rhode Island General Assembly. One has already passed and was signed by the governor within four weeks of its introduction.
9 Jun 2010

Wind energy bill passed by R.I. Senate

On Monday, Sen. Susan Sosnowski and Rep. Arthur Handy, D-Cranston, unveiled a new bill that they said had been negotiated by policy advisors from both chambers and the governor's office. It requires PUC approval, but on a timetable some said was too fast to do an adequate review. There was a mixed response from Block Islanders. Union leaders supported the measure, while union members demonstrated outside.
9 Jun 2010

Latest wind-farm bill hits headwinds

Faced with growing opposition to its plans to permit an offshore wind farm without the approval of the state Public Utilities Commission, leaders in the Senate, the House and the governor's office responded Monday with new legislation that restores PUC review, albeit on an expedited basis.
8 Jun 2010

Groups fear SAMP moving too quickly

A process to zone the waters off the coast of Rhode Island is drawing fire from some environmental groups that complain the state is rushing the work to meet arbitrary deadlines. ...Jedele and John Torgan, director of advocacy at Save The Bay, said the state appeared in a race to finish the document before the fall ...Jedele said the deadline appeared to advance business interests of Deepwater Wind.
6 Jun 2010
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