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Fire burns windfarm on US 277

The Rhodes Ranch fire, as it has been named by the Texas Forest Service, has been burning for several days, starting in the Mulberry Canyon area, northwest of Coronado's Camp. It had been considered under control until Thursday when it flared back up, forcing officials to shut off access points to the area.
27 Feb 2009

Turbines' effect on navigation studied

The VORTAC building is located about eight miles west of Portland. A radio beacon that airplane pilots can use to determine their proximity to Corpus Christi International Airport poses an obstacle to a $300 million wind farm under construction in San Patricio County. ...The federal agency has taken issue with the turbines' collective proximity to and potential impact on the radio navigation signal, housed about eight miles west of Portland, according to a notice of presumed hazard filed by the FAA.
28 Dec 2008

Man injured after fall inside wind turbine

A 29-year-old contractor for Global Windpower Services fell 50 to 60 feet inside the shaft of a wind turbine on Wednesday, breaking ribs and a leg, rescue officials said. His fall was broken by a metal deck about 12 feet above the ground, according to Lt. Greg Goettsch, spokesman for the Abilene Fire Department. The man was conscious when rescuers arrived. ...Global Windpower Services is contracting with FPL Energy to work on the turbines, Stengel said. The Elm Creek Community Association and Buffalo Gap volunteer fire departments, South Taylor County EMS, the Abilene Fire Department, the Taylor County Sheriff's Office and MetroCare responded to the scene of the accident, Goettsch said.
17 Apr 2008

Wind farms can befuddle radar

"One windmill will not put out much noise, but when you put a cluster of them together and get the blades all spinning at the same rate, then it begins to emit noise -- enough that our radar can 'hear' the noise." You could tell the radar to ignore that frequency, but if there's a thunderstorm with the same frequency, it also would be ignored. "The use of wind energy has become a big problem not only in the meteorological world, but also to the military community as airplanes could fly low under a wind farm and one would never know the difference as to whether they are looking at false returns from the wind farm or an enemy plane."
7 Apr 2008

Tractor Trailer Drops A Massive Load

A truck driver transporting the midsection of a huge wind energy turbine lost his load on the I-37 frontage road near Rand Morgan. It happened around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. Police say the driver was supposed to be following a state ordered route, but that he got off track and tried to make a sharp turn.
16 Oct 2007

Plane Crash Kills Area Crop Duster

Investigators believe the plane hit a wind tower and clipped the left wing and then crashed the plane about a quarter mile North of the tower. They say a farmer saw the plane and noticed it didn't complete the last circle of crop dusting. He then looked to see smoke coming from the field.
19 May 2005
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