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Michigan township says no to solar farms. Some residents say they’re missing out on millions

The commission ended up voting 3-1 to approve a recommendation that the township’s board reject the ordinance they had spent months drafting. Horney, the sole no vote, said his opposition to the motion was merely procedural. ...The board ultimately rejected the solar rules at a meeting on Nov. 4, closing the door, at least for now, on solar projects in the township.
13 Nov 2021

Massive Morro Bay offshore wind farm proposal starts environmental review. What’s next?

BOEM decided to not include the east extension in its official area designation “based on the stakeholder identification of various resource conditions or use conflicts, primarily including tribal concerns and potential commercial fishing, avian and visual impacts,” according to a 41-page memo detailing the agency’s decision released on Friday.
12 Nov 2021

Court says Sanford town board failed to support its own local law

Bereaved residents are calling for Sanford Town Supervisor Dewey Decker’s resignation as he almost single handedly paved the way for the contested project that will destroy their homes and quality of life, making ‘back door deals’ with the developer before the public was given notice or an opportunity for meaningful participation early enough in the process. He stoically faced the angry residents at the town hall meetings and ignored the local pleas for his help as the scale and impact of the project went public. 
10 Nov 2021

NC's Green New Deal – the anatomy of a betrayal

House Bill 951 started out as a one page bill with a worthy goal, encouraging efficient modular nuclear reactors for producing electricity in our state.  It came out of the legislature as a draconian mandate, tracking the proposals of Governor Cooper, that requires North Carolina to reduce carbon emissions by 70% by 2030.  In comparision, the EU legislation passed earlier this year that is already wrecking havoc on European energy markets and dramatically raising electric rates only requires a 50% reduction by 2030.
6 Nov 2021

Dominion Energy's wind farm costs to customers jumps from $8 billion to $10 billion, CEO says

The Virginia General Assembly in 2020 passed a law called the Virginia Clean Economy Act that strips regulators of some of the traditional decision-making power over utility projects, however, and directs the SCC to approve up to $9.8 billion in customer cost recovery for the wind farm. A news release from Dominion Energy on Friday estimated the project cost at that same amount — $9.8 billion.
5 Nov 2021

Avangrid files lawsuit, vows to continue power line project despite voters’ rejection

Maine’s vote was being monitored by the utility industry in the Northeast, and the result sends a troubling signal, according to Timothy Fox, vice president of ClearView Energy Partners, a research firm based in Washington, D.C. ...the Maine vote demonstrates the challenges of building transmission lines needed to carry carbon-free electricity. “It’s hard not to view last night’s vote as another demonstration that, even with permits in hand and construction underway, a project can face fatal consequences.” 
4 Nov 2021

County board blocks extension of wind, solar reviews

The wind ordinance review, which resulted in the county suspending issuance of permits for the Alta Farms II wind project, prompted Enel Green Energy to sue the county.  A judge ruled the county did not have the authority to deny the permits.  Most permits for the project had already been issued when the suspension was implemented.
3 Nov 2021

Lava Ridge Wind Project faces criticism

That feeling of being completely isolated from the outside world is something all of those who were incarcerated felt. Sakura remembers the song, "Don't Fence Me In" by Cole Porter being a popular tune among others living there at the time because it gave them a feeling of hope. Sakura thinks that the wind turbine project would ruin the immersion of what it was like at Minidoka over 70 years ago and that feeling of being alone and secluded. Especially due to the sheer height of these wind turbines.
28 Oct 2021

The wind turbine failures behind Europe's energy crisis are a warning for America

Ralph Schoellhammer, an assistant professor of international relations at Webster Vienna Private University in Vienna, Austria told Newsweek Europe had failed to address major issues arising from the energy transition. "The current energy transformation in Europe is probably the greatest geopolitical blunder since World War II, the last time when misguided ideologies plunged millions of people into what can justifiable be called the darkest period of human history," Schoellhammer said. ..."More expensive energy will affect the development potential for billions of people around the world, and particularly in Africa. The refusal of Europeans to make cheap energy available will lead to massive migration movements in the future," he said.
27 Oct 2021

Investors on board as U.S. oil majors dismiss wind and solar projects

Michael Liss, senior portfolio manager of the American Century Value Fund, said it owns more of the U.S. majors than European partly because the American companies spend a lesser share of capital on things like renewable power and alternative fuels at a time when oil demand remains strong. "We think their pace is going to be more realistic" in the adoption of new energy sources, Liss said.
27 Oct 2021
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