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Scituate Wind: Group to look at turbine issues

In defense of the health and safety of the residents of the Town of Scituate, the wind turbine must be dismantled and relocated to a location at least 1.5 miles from any residential home. “The lack of sleep affects everything in our lives,” he said. “We often go to work and school tired. It doesn’t matter which way the wind blows. It is on top of us. We hear it all the time. It isn’t a car that drives by. It is parked in our neighborhood 24/7.”
22 Nov 2012

Closed for holiday: Falmouth wind turbines

Those opposed to the Falmouth wind turbines have at least one reason to be grateful this week: The selectmen voted to shut off the two town-owned turbines on Thanksgiving. ...The action will "give a little relief on the holidays" as well as compensate neighbors for moments over a two-week period when the turbines operated outside the agreed-upon time parameters, Murphy said.
21 Nov 2012

Boulevard residents and Manzanita tribal members speak out on wind turbine health concerns

As in Ocotillo, where a wind project has anguished tribal members and residents with destruction of cultural and environmental resources, the community of Boulevard now faces an onslaught of massive "green" energy projects on public, tribal and private lands. Area residents described bizarre wildlife behavior that they attribute to infrasound and stray voltage, including “crazed” coyotes climbing trees. A planner said she was forced to move out of her home due to illness she attributes to wind turbines. Two Manzanita Indians voiced fears over serious illnesses and the future of their reservation due to stray voltage from turbines on the nearby Campo reservation.
12 Nov 2012

Study finds physical, mental health effects from wind turbines

A recently released study of industrial wind turbines in Northern Maine has found they can cause sleep disturbances that result in physical and mental health issues in humans living as far as 4,500 feet away. The study, published in the September-October issue of Noise and Health, is the first of its kind to be scientifically vetted and approved through the peer-review process.
10 Nov 2012

60 Herkimer Co. residents file lawsuit against wind farm owner

Frustrated by the wind farm that some residents say drives them "crazy," 60 Middleville, Fairfield and Norway residents have filed a lawsuit in state Supreme Court against the entities responsible for its construction, namely Iberdrola Renewables. "A lot of it has to do with the effect that it's having in being in close proximity to the residences," said Jeff DeFrancisco, an attorney from DeFrancisco & Flagiatano Law Firm of Syracuse.
10 Nov 2012

Relocating Turbines Off The Table options group considering curtailment of operation, buyouts

With moving the turbines now off the table, at least for now, the group is down to two sets of options: curtailing the operations of the turbines to meet some balance with the neighbors' concerns or removing the turbines, selling them for parts and possibly purchasing photovoltaic solar panels to replace them. The first option could involve the town purchasing some neighbors' homes and reselling them with a noise easement so the turbines can run more often.
9 Nov 2012

Wind turbine noise cause real health problems

There are thousands of wind opposition groups all over the world. The story is the same everywhere. The audible noise and inaudible low frequency and infrasound are driving people from their homes. People do not abandon their homes for no reason. Noise from these big machines can extend three to six miles in mountainous terrain, with residents within 2 miles most at risk.
9 Nov 2012

Wind noise comes as a big surprise

"I thought at first they were testing the F-35 fighter, roaring right over the mountain," said Mr. Potter, who estimates that he lives between a mile and a half and two miles from the turbines. "It sounded like a jet airplane over there," said Frank Coulter, a town selectman who lives three miles east of the turbines on the Center Hill Road. A half mile further east in Albany Center, David Lawrence said: "It was like a jet plane all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday."
7 Nov 2012

An ill wind for McGuinty: New scientific study links wind turbines to health hazards

Government documents released under Freedom of Information showed environment ministry staff issued internal warnings the province needed stricter rural noise limits on turbines, that it had no reliable way to monitor or enforce them and that computer models for determining setbacks were flawed. Despite that, McGuinty forged ahead with his industrial wind development plan through his Green Energy Act, which stripped local municipalities.
4 Nov 2012
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