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Joint session Monday on turbine rules

Commissioners requested the meeting in November to consider amendments to the county’s tall structure ordinance amid public outcry over a proposed wind farm in Newport. The tall structures ordinance, originally drafted by county planning in 2008, was one of the first of its kind in the state and spells out regulations for permits on turbines and cell towers.
6 Jan 2014

County focuses on tall-structures rules after enacting moratorium

Now that a temporary ban on the issuance of permits for wind-energy facilities is in place, the work of Carteret County leaders is just beginning. The Carteret County Board of Commissioners adopted an ordinance that imposes a 60-day moratorium on building permits for wind-energy generation to give the board time to review the county’s regulations for wind turbines and other tall structures.
4 Jan 2014

Sound still center of wind ordinance debate; Deadline for making changes to ordinance is looming

Two weeks after extending the moratorium for new wind energy developments through the end of 2014, Tipton County Commissioner Phil Heron said he is still not satisfied with some of the language in the revised ordinance ...The biggest hang-up with the ordinance involves a lack of a definitive base ambient sound level in the language.
1 Jan 2014

Ordinance could revive Antrim Wind project

Antrim resident Loranne Block, who has been a vocal critic of the plan since its inception, said that this warrant article is overly vague, and is lacking in protection for property values and changes to taxes. “They should have come up with a comprehensive article. Nothing’s laid out — no details. It’s a lot of destruction for a little production.”
31 Dec 2013

10-hour public hearing ends with approval that paves way for 37,000-acre El Paso County wind farm

"I live under one of these, and my dream of living in a peaceful place is gone," the she said. Now that dream is lost for other El Paso County residents as well after commissioners voted 3 to 1 to approve an overlay zoning ordinance that allows the construction of a 147 turbine, 37,000-acre wind farm to be constructed within 1,000 feet of at least 18 rural homes southeast of Calhan.
20 Dec 2013

County to stall turbine plan

The board agreed unanimously and set 6 p.m. Jan. 2, 2014, as the date for a public hearing on enacting a 60-day moratorium on the issuance of any permits for wind energy facilities in Carteret County. The purpose of the moratorium is to give the commissioners the opportunity to review and possibly revise existing ordinances in regard to these type facilities.
15 Dec 2013

Carteret mulls temporary ban of wind-energy projects

The Carteret County Board of Commissioners agreed to hold a public hearing to glean public comments about a possible temporary ban up to 60 days on the issuance of any permits for wind-energy facilities in Carteret County. The moratorium’s purpose would be to give the board an opportunity to review — and possibly revise — existing ordinances that regulate wind-energy facilities.
15 Dec 2013

County puts brakes on wind farms

The action came amid reports from residents in southern Douglas County that a potential developer has approached residents seeking to buy easements for wind towers. "Currently we don't have any specific regulations that mention wind farms," said county Administrator Craig Weinaug.
13 Dec 2013

Wind siting debate returning in the spring

As for the DPU taking control, Karns worries about putting permitting under their control because of the department's "formal" nature. Karns said the DPU typically permits large energy plants or pipelines and opposing a process in that arena could become expensive for small municipalities or advocacy groups.
4 Dec 2013

Tipton board prepares wind ordinance modifications

The Tipton County Commissioners tabled the vote in early November on a measure that would modify the county’s rules for wind farm developments ...The Tipton County Plan Commission recommended approval of the changes on Oct. 17. Among the modifications are increased setback requirements and changes concerning noise, lighting and shadow flicker.
3 Dec 2013

Jonesport to vote on moratorium on new wind energy projects

Jonesport voters will gather at a special town meeting next week to decide on a proposal that would impose a temporary moratorium on new wind energy projects. Officials of the picturesque fishing village have approved two small projects to allow wind turbines to generate power, but the process generated some controversy and opposition.
30 Nov 2013

A blatant attempt to buy votes?

Ccf11302013_0001_thumb No matter what you think of industrial wind power, the financial proposal that Eolian Renewable Energy has come up with in Essex County doesn't smell too good. In fact, it reeks of desperation. ...Property owners (over 400) in, and residents (roughly 40) of, the Unified Towns and Gores (UTG) would receive an annual check of $922 if the plan is approved. That's not public money; it's a personal check -- $922 in each landowner's pocket.
27 Nov 2013

More time for public's wind-siting comments

Lilli-Ann Green, of Wellfleet, a member of Wind Wise-Massachusetts, wrote in an email that the group, which opposes the state's wind-energy policies, had asked for the extension to allow enough time for residents and experts to comment on the potential siting guidelines. The best practices developed through the process will not be regulations but would be offered to towns to use in existing reviews of wind-energy projects, according to state officials.
27 Nov 2013

Wind farm, animal control bring speakers to county board

Mainstream Renewable Power is proposing a project with up to 100 wind turbines for 8,000 acres bordered by North Boone School Board on the south, Grade School Road to the west, Wisconsin state line on the north and McHenry County line to the east. Opponents presented each board member with a stack of petitions signed by 1,300 people who don't want the development.
26 Nov 2013
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