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County mulls wind ordinance changes; Howard County commissioner says 'Everything is on the table'

Moore said the recommendation will consider setbacks to neighboring properties for the placement of turbines, noise levels and permitted uses. In Howard County, wind farms are allowed in most areas with the only requirement being approval of location improvement permits for each turbine. "Everything is on the table," Moore said. "We are taking into consideration the comments from opponents, leaseholders and working with E.ON."
3 Jul 2013

County board must update its wind farm ordinance

Vermilion County Board officials clearly heard what the current WECS project has done to many rural residents. Families know their property values and physical health have declined while the dominating effects of these industrial machines have ignored property lines, invaded homes and split neighborhoods.
28 Jun 2013

Zoning board to hear wind request; Tipton Co. developer seeks to change conditions of permit.

In March, the Tipton County BZA approved a conditional use permit for the Prairie Breeze Wind Farm with conditions that included a 1,500-foot setback from the property line of non-participating property owners and a property value guarantee. Juwi Wind on May 23 sought to modify the setback requirement and submitted a property value guarantee plan to the BZA.
26 Jun 2013

San Diego County Supervisors sued over flawed Wind Energy Ordinance

San Diego County Supervisors are being sued over their May 15th approval of the technically and legally flawed Wind Energy Ordinance & Plan Amendment-that benefits wealthy industrial wind and solar developers, San Diego Gas & Electric, Sempra, and absentee land-owners at the expense of rural east county residents and valued resources.
18 Jun 2013

Wind turbine didn't have permits

lanning and Development Director Nancy Scott said that is not the case and that the city regulates their placement only in the interest of public safety and to protect neighbors from nuisances such as noise or shadow flicker caused by spinning blades catching the sunlight. In Myers' case, Scott said, the city was responding to a complaint by another citizen and Myers' first problem was that he never submitted plans for the city's approval or sought a required conditional use permit.
8 Jun 2013

Plymouth Planning Board OKs one more continuance for DEP input on Stop & Shop turbine

Wind turbine proposals haven’t had the warmest reception in Plymouth, and this one is no exception. Attorney David Paliotti, who represents Algonquin Heights, the residential area closest to the proposed turbine, contends that it will exceed the sound limit guidelines, cause health problems, blight the landscape, and cause property values to nosedive. The Stop & Shop turbine would be located approximately 600 feet from the Algonquin Heights apartment complex.
8 Jun 2013

Paris Township settles on strict wind ordinance

Turbines must be 2,000 feet from non-participating property owners' homes and three times the turbine height from non-participating property lines. ...In terms of sound for Paris, there will be an allowance of 35 decibels during the day and 30 at night for non-leased property, and 40 during the day and 35 at night for leased property.
30 May 2013
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