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Falmouth voters revise turbine bylaw

At the opening night of annual town meeting, voters approved a bylaw that dramatically reduces the size of wind turbines allowed in town. The planning board presented the revised turbine siting bylaw Monday night, about five months after a similar bylaw was rejected at fall's town meeting.
9 Apr 2013

Baldwin County wind farm project facing obstacles

The county has concerns about the project, which includes the size of the turbines, the noise they will generate and if a wind farm will be a danger to migratory birds. APEX Wind's project calls for turbines that could be 520 to 590 feet tall from the tower's base to the tip of a blade at the 12 o'clock position.
5 Apr 2013

No wind farm here: commissioners look to ban commercial wind farms

Marshall County commissioners may have put the kibosh on a commercial wind farm in the area. Monday, commissioners decided they will have County Attorney Jim Clevenger draft a resolution to ban commercial wind farms in the county. Once the resolution is prepared, it will go to the Plan Commission for a vote, then several public hearings will be held before the ban can be made official.
4 Apr 2013

Divided Pamlico board rejects tall structures ordinance

Pamlico County commissioners voted down a proposed tall structures ordinance Monday that would govern wind farms and communication towers. The split 4-3 vote came after a public hearing ...While the wording covers towers, the gist of the ordinance was aimed at potential wind turbine farms, which were first proposed in Pamlico County this past August.
3 Apr 2013

Changing wind farm rules; Board members want revisions

Acres said he has been on the board for two years and was not fully aware of the details of the juwi project. He said there are other wind farm projects being considered for the county that he can't obtain information about. "The details have not been fully disclosed," he said. "The county followed the letter of the law, but the process is not fair."
22 Mar 2013

Maine Supreme Court invalidates permit for Saddleback Ridge Wind Project

The rule amendment did not become effective, however, until June 10, 2012, when it received the required legislative approval. The Board’s February 18, 2012 appeal decision affirmed the Department’s initial decision to apply the 45 dBA limit to the Saddleback Ridge Wind Project. This proved critical to the Law Court because the Project’s applications, while presenting evidence that the Project complied with the 45 dBA limit, presented no evidence that the Project would comply with the 42 dBA limit.
12 Mar 2013

Heath OKs wind ban

Speaking as if with one voice, 96 special town meeting voters quickly and unanimously approved the Planning Board's zoning bylaw amendment banning "industrial scale" wind turbines from being built within town borders.
27 Feb 2013

Wind farm ordinance on the ballot

The changes to the wind project ordinance were brought to a special election after township residents filed a petition to have the changes put up for a vote with a referendum. Alan Jon Burrell, Reading Township supervisor said the special election will give everyone in Reading Township to weigh in on the wind farm ordinance.
25 Feb 2013

Doreen Reilly files zoning-violation complaint against Kingston Wind Independence

Reilly, who lives less than a quarter mile from the KWI Turbine on Leland Road, has been one of a plethora of residents claiming ill-health effects stemming from shadow flicker and infrasound generated by the KWI Turbine. Yesterday, Reilly filed a zoning complaint against the KWI Turbine with Kingston Zoning Enforcement Officer Paul Armstrong.
22 Feb 2013
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