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PUD debate: will fees be enough for the job?

“Your plan is not based on fees,” said Tom Bangasser to Rita Schenck as the two debated the merits of a Public Utility District. They were formally con and pro speakers invited to the Sept. 21 meeting of the League of Women Voters. Schenck replied, “It is based only on fees. If we can conserve appropriately, we won’t need renewable energy.”
4 Oct 2006

Jury’s out on controversial wind farm

After sitting through more than 27 hours of hearings this week, listening to or reading testimony from 35 witnesses and cross examining some of those labeled as expert witnesses, the jury is finally out on the controversial Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project. The “jury” - the 7-member state Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council - may decide by late December what to recommend to Gov. Chris Gregoire on the 65-turbine wind farm proposed for 12 miles northwest of Ellensburg.
23 Sep 2006

Kittitas wind power project meets resistance

The site in Kittitas County has all the attributes the Whisky Dick Mountain site has – a steady supply of wind and nearby high power transmission lines. But it also has something the Whiskey Dick site doesn’t have – a loud group of opponents. “It’s location. Wild Horse Project was never affected because there wasn’t many people around,” said Sandy Sandall, a neighbor who opposed the project. Sandy Sandall and his neighbors worry the project would block their panoramic valley views and lower property values. But the owners of the land where the farm would be built are all for it.
21 Sep 2006

Firm applies to build Kalama power plant

Energy Northwest this week submitted an application to build a $1 billion coal gasification power plant at the Port of Kalama, kicking off a review by state regulators that could take more than a year. "This is a new technology," Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council manager Allen Fiksdal said Wednesday. "It's a big project, and it's complex." The 600-megawatt Pacific Mountain Energy Center would be the first power plant of its kind in Washington and the first required to comply with a state law that calls on new power plants that use fossil fuels to curb greenhouse gases.
15 Sep 2006

Clearing the air - County wind farm gets a West Side airing

SEATTLE — Voices from both sides of the Cascade mountains were heard Tuesday night at South Seattle Community College on a controversial wind farm proposal to the east in Kittitas County — the 65-turbine Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project. The hearing was the first in a series of sessions by the state Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council, or EFSEC, that will continue next week, beginning Monday in Ellensburg.
14 Sep 2006

Should state take over local wind farm decision? County says ‘no,’ company says ‘yes’

The major sticking point surrounding Horizon Wind Energy’s planned wind farm northwest of Ellensburg comes to this: should state government override Kittitas County’s rejection of the Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project and consider approving it? The wind farm developer and project supporters say yes; Kittitas County officials and opponents of the site 12 miles northwest of Ellensburg say no.
14 Sep 2006

Another wind company studies east-county site

Denver-based Invenergy Wind LLC has options to lease or buy land 20 to 25 miles east of Ellensburg for a wind farm project, located between Vantage Highway and Interstate 90. The company, part of the larger Chicago-based power-generation company Invenergy, has environmental, wind, habitat and wildlife studies under way at this time at the site, according to Doug Carter, vice president of development for the company's western region. “We have, so far, viewed the location as a good site for wind-power generation,” Carter said. “We intend to keep developing the site.”
7 Sep 2006
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