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Construction suspended on AES Grant County wind farm

AES filed for and received an FAA determination of no hazard to air navigation in 2008, Falter said, based on the preliminary layout of the turbines. AES reapplied on completion of its engineering late last year and found that the project did not meet new FAA criteria with regard to a ground-based navigation system for aircraft.
4 May 2012

Aviators fear windmills could interfere with landings

Members of the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors are considering a ridge line ordinance that would restrict the development of tall structures along certain protected ridge lines, including Burkes Garden and East River Mountain. Local aviators who use airplanes for business travel say they are concerned that the proposed wind farm could inhibit plans to create a second flight path for landing at the Mercer County Airport.
24 Jan 2010

Windmills generate more questions

The boiling Tazewell County windmill controversy may turn into steam where it will either evaporate or become superheated. The Town of Bluefield, Va.'s tall structures ordinance would only affect those structures (including windmills) proposed to be erected within the area of the town's jurisdiction. There is another matter or two that needs to be given some thought. The town apparently has jurisdiction to the apex of the ridgeline but no jurisdiction south of that ridgeline in Tazewell County or Bland County.
18 Sep 2009

Mt. Storm turbine catches fire

According to NedPower Mount Storm spokesperson Tim O'Leary, a wind turbine in Mount Storm caught fire at approximately 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. According to O'Leary, the fire occurred during routine maintenance and started in the nacelle of the wind turbine. ...NedPower is currently working on Phase 1 of the Wind Turbine Project - which consist of 82 turbines. Phase 2 will consist of 50 turbines, for a total of 132 turbines.
16 Jan 2008

Request declined: Commissioners decline man's bid to limit windmill operations

At the heart of Halgren's complaint are a series of safety setbacks discussed by the PSC report, as well as several international organizations. One of those groups is the Word Bank. Halgren said international standards call for greater setback distances from roads and houses than those being used by NedPower and Shell WindEnergy. He claimed these standards were not included in the project's state permit because they were unknown to the PSC staff at the time. According to Halgren, international standards call for setbacks ranging upwards to 1,025 feet. In contrast, he said six turbine sites along Grassy Ridge Road are located from 123-323 feet from the pavement, and within 500 feet of homes. Halgren said the PSC staff favors an 820-foot setback between turbine towers and homes.
6 Dec 2007

Mountaintop residents cite wind turbine issue, want county to oppose some towers

The reception was somewhat on the chilly side, Tuesday, when a pair of mountaintop residents brought their protests about windpower electricity to the Grant County Commission. Residents Bruce Halgren and Richard Spicer appeared before commissioners as part of a campaign to reduced the number of windpowered turbines being erected in the community by NedPower and Shell Renewables and Hydrogen. The pair asked commissioners to oppose six turbines to be constructed within 820 feet of public roadways. They say the turbines present an "ice throw" hazard to motorists on Grassy Ridge Road and state Route 93.
24 Aug 2007

Wind turbines need more study

Gov. Manchin is only being prudent by suggesting that West Virginia turbine projects also wait until the national studies are completed. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? I honestly believe the governor should pass an executive order halting the building of more giant wind turbines in West Virginia until we can all get our bearings.
19 Jun 2006
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