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Amanda Holden backs war on offshore wind farm with 1,066ft turbines taller than the Eiffel Tower which would blight West Sussex coast

The Britain’s Got Talent judge is angry at plans by German energy company RWE to erect the giant towers of up to 1,066ft within sight of the West Sussex coast. She has offered her support to thousands of local campaigners battling to stop the new site called Rampion 2, which will occupy an area the size of the Isle of Wight just eight miles from shore.
16 Jan 2022

BOEM to offer six New York Bight wind leases in Feb. 23 auction

Commercial fishing advocates stressed that BOEM needs to make a priority of avoiding and mitigating negative impacts their industry and the nation’s seafood supply. The waters between. New York and New Jersey are some of the most productive on the East Coast and account for much of the sea scallop harvest, valued at $746 million in 2019, according to the Fisheries Survival Fund. ...“It is unquestionable that the proliferation of new turbine arrays will have detrimental impacts on the scallop fishery and other fisheries,” according to a statement from the Fisheries Survival Fund. “Windfarms will and demonstrably do change ocean ecosystems. The goal of mitigation should be to strike a balance that ensures mutual prosperity, not merely an uneasy, zero-sum co-existence.”
12 Jan 2022

Public critical of environmental analysis for Morro Bay Wind Energy Area

A number of public speakers at an offshore wind energy impact analysis scoping meeting said a full environmental impact statement should be prepared before the federal government leases tracts in an area northwest of Morro Bay. But officials with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management said a full EIS can’t be conducted on the effects of wind turbine installation and operation in the Morro Bay Wind Energy Area until leaseholders propose specific projects that can be analyzed.
7 Jan 2022

Fishermen, residents voice concerns about proposed Morro Bay offshore wind project in virtual meeting

Many, like Cheri Hafer, are concerned the area will prohibit commercial fishing. “One of our biggest enemies right now is industrialization of the ocean," Hafer said. "Not just to fishermen, but to the marine habitat.” Larry Thevik, a dungeness crab fisherman, said many fishermen feel like their concerns aren’t being heard and that the impact it may have on the commercial fishing industry isn’t being thoroughly considered.
5 Jan 2022

Group files motion to block construction of cables connecting to South Fork Wind Farm

The group Citizens for the Preservation for Wainscott filed the motion in the State Appellate Division on Dec. 20 seeking to block construction of the on-land portion of the South Fork Wind Farm which would run underground cables through their neighborhood. The group said in its motion a high-voltage cable under Wainscott Beach and the hamlet’s roads could disrupt the "bucolic environment" of the neighborhood and cause "irreparable environmental damage."
28 Dec 2021

Vineyard Wind harpooned by new federal lawsuit

It’s time to end the hype about offshore wind and the giveaways to foreign corporations. Let’s hope these lawsuits succeed and they scuttle the offshore wind business once and for all. I’ll end by saying once again that if policymakers are serious about decarbonizing the electric grid, they need to get serious about nuclear energy. 
27 Dec 2021

Mayflower Wind plans onshore connection at Falmouth Heights

Some Falmouth residents are upset and are particularly concerned about the danger of high-voltage cables beneath their neighborhood. “The electro-magnetic field will be substantial. Who is going to protect us from this?” Grand Avenue resident Marc P. Finneran asked. David Buzanoski, chairman of the community group Falmouth Heights-Maravista Neighborhood Association, aired concerns on behalf of the neighbors.
21 Dec 2021

East coast offshore wind threatened by transmission bottlenecks

Renewable-energy developers preparing to build in East Coast waters are jockeying for space to plug their power into the grid, raising concerns that a lack of transmission lines could threaten the Biden administration’s goal of powering 10 million homes with offshore wind by 2030. A flurry of proposed development aims to turn the waters from Massachusetts to the Carolinas into a hub of offshore wind energy, starting with the New York Bight—a strip of water between Long Island and the New Jersey coast that could send power to multiple state and regional jurisdictions.
7 Dec 2021

Some Boothbay residents angered by wind power developments, including drill tests on private property

The developers of a wind-energy turbine off Monhegan Island are apologizing to Boothbay residents angered by unannounced work in town last month, some of it on private property. And the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is taking heat from locals as well, for signing a deal to allow cable from the turbine to come ashore on its waterfront property there.
4 Dec 2021

With federal approval of South Fork wind farm, construction could begin early next year

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management this week approved construction and operation of the South Fork Wind Farm, a 132-megawatt project proposed in a stretch of Rhode Island Sound between Block Island and Martha’s Vineyard. ...Certification that the wind farm is consistent with state coastal policies also came despite concerns raised by Save The Bay and others about the council’s permitting process for the wind farm, which would be built in an area called Cox Ledge in Rhode Island Sound that is home to a rich diversity of fish, including species of tuna and Atlantic cod.
27 Nov 2021

Right whale coalition calls for moratorium on wind turbines to protect endangered species

“Any species whose numbers are this low requires that we not take any additional action that could harm these whales,” political and environmental author and activist Michael Shellenberger said of the endangered North Atlantic right whales. “Particularly given that we have an abundance of nuclear and natural gas resources that would provide a sufficient alternative to these large industrial wind turbines.”
25 Nov 2021

World's largest offshore wind farm 'unprofitable' for Equinor, say government-funded researchers

Equinor sees the Dogger Bank project in the UK North Sea as a world-class asset that benefits from strong wind conditions, innovations and unprecedented scale: It will have 3.6 gigawatts of installed capacity when completed. One of the study's authors told Upstream that the massive project's rate of return does not exceed Equinor's rate of return requirement, so the researchers deem the project to be unprofitable. “In our estimate, Dogger Bank is unprofitable,” said University of Stavanger professor Petter Osmundsen. "The project has to compete with alternative investment opportunities."
19 Nov 2021

Wind farm cable will run deeper under Wainscott Beach, Orsted says

Representatives of Ørsted and Eversource, the companies that will be constructing the South Fork Wind farm off Montauk, told local residents this week that the final designs for the installation call for the electrical cable to be buried far deeper below the Wainscott beach where it will emerge from the ocean than originally planned, and will require fewer of the large underground “vaults” than early designs showed.
17 Nov 2021
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