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Windmill collapse cause finally revealed

Asked how a crack in a blade on the windmill could cause the main tower to collapse, as occurred on Sept. 16, Matt Dallas, a spokesman for wind farm parent firm Pattern Energy, explained Tuesday, “The crack propagated over time, causing the blade to detach, which in turn led to the turbine collapse.” After the incident, the federal Bureau of Land Management ordered the facility’s 112 windmills shut down while Pattern investigated the cause and developed a plan to prevent further such incidents.
13 Jan 2022

Cracks in foundation led to wind turbine's collapse, 49 others also at risk

An investigation into what caused the collapse of a wind turbine at New Brunswick's largest wind farm has revealed serious structural issues that affect not only the turbine that fell, but dozens of others in the area as well. According to TransAlta Renewables Inc., the Alberta-based company that owns and operates the Kent Hills wind farm, the cracks formed because of "deficiencies in the original design of the foundations."
12 Jan 2022

TransAlta Renewables to replace turbine foundations at New Brunswick wind farm

Based on initial estimates, TransAlta says the replacement of the foundations at its Kent Hills 1 and 2 wind sites is expected to cost between $75-million and $100-million. It also estimates it will result in foregone revenue of about $3.4-million per month on an annualized basis for so long as all 50 wind turbines are off-line, based on average historical wind production.
11 Jan 2022

Wind turbine above “burned down in a controlled manner”: damage of 500,000 euros

A fire in a wind turbine in a wind farm near the municipality of Sarow (Mecklenburg Lake District) near Demmin resulted in damage of around 500,000 euros. As a police spokesman said on Tuesday, the machine house in the uppermost part of the wind turbine caught fire in strong winds. Because of the height of around 100 meters, the fire fighters were only able to "let the fire burn down in a controlled manner" late on Monday evening, as the district brigade leader Enrico Kollhof explained.
4 Jan 2022

Blade falls off wind turbine on Frøya

Vegard Knudsen, communications consultant at Trønderenergi, tells E24 that they have now stopped all production, taken out all staff and closed to traffic in the park. We are sending in the necessary crew to examine all the wind blades now, he says. The wind facility consists of 14 Vestas V136/4.0-4.2 MW turbines each with a rotor diameter of 136 meters (446 feet). The facility was placed in service on October 1, 2020. According to company information the project was opened to the public on January 1, 2021.  
12 Nov 2021

TransAlta finds cracked foundations at N.B. wind farm where tower collapsed

TransAlta Renewables Inc. says it has found cracks in several foundations of the turbines at a wind farm in New Brunswick where a tower collapsed in September. The company says the discovery of the subsurface cracks means the foundations will likely need repairs, and if replacement is required, costs are estimated at $1.5 million to $2 million per foundation.
29 Oct 2021

Wind turbine collapse under investigation in southeast New Brunswick

"The cause of the incident is under investigation," TransAlta spokesperson James Mottershead said in an email to CBC News. The area surrounding the wind facility has been closed while the investigation is underway. ...According to the company's website, the Kent Hills wind farm is the largest wind facility in the province, with more than 50 wind turbines.
14 Oct 2021
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