USA Ohio Bird conservation groups sue to try and block ‘Icebreaker’ wind farm project in Lake Erie 12 Dec
Kansas Novak asks for wind farm moratorium - again 12 Dec
Iowa Hardin County places indefinite moratorium on wind turbine permits 12 Dec
Indiana Councilman: Wind company could ask for new ERA 11 Dec
Michigan Wind turbine zoning goes into effect next week 11 Dec
Nebraska Group hopes to change turbine regulations in Gage County 11 Dec
New York Eastern Broome County wind farm suffers serious setback 11 Dec
New York New restrictions passed on controversial wind turbine project 11 Dec
UK Thousands were paid to use extra renewable electricity on windy weekend 11 Dec
Ontario Developer threatens legal action as Ontario government cancels wind farm over concerns for bat population 11 Dec
Delaware Maryland Fenwick Council officially opposes state park partnership with wind farm developer 11 Dec
South Dakota County board approves wind turbine dismantling work 10 Dec
Kansas Labette County commission considering wind farm project 10 Dec
New Brunswick Bathurst withdraws from Anse-Bleue wind farm project 10 Dec
Missouri Chronicle: The Osborn Wind Project 10 Dec
Europe Wind turbine topples over in Friesland during severe wind warning 9 Dec
Europe Windmill falls on public road in Jorwert, possibly due to wind 9 Dec
Ontario Province revokes approval for nearly-finished Nation Rise Wind Farm 9 Dec
Connecticut Utility company wants turbines bigger than jumbo jets for U.S. wind farm 9 Dec
Asia Alarm mounts as wind power turbines halt after govt stops purchases 8 Dec
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