Oregon Oregon Supreme Court says the state improperly shut the public out of deciding where to place energy facilities 4 Aug
Wyoming Albany County residents ask for moratorium on wind projects 18 Feb
Massachusetts Wind turbines in Plymouth declared public health nuisance 15 Feb
Illinois Residents air concerns about wind farm plan 14 Feb
Maryland Wind turbines should be 33 miles from shore 14 Feb
California Campo Tribal members plead for legal help, allege rights violated in wind project approval; Seek re-vote 14 Feb
Montana House agrees to take up bill banning Wyoming wind blade disposal 14 Feb
Massachusetts Plymouth board declares turbines a nuisance 14 Feb
Australia Australian grid has major near miss: SA Islanded for two weeks 12 Feb
New York Siting Board sets emergency rule making meeting Thursday involving Alle-Catt 12 Feb
New York Farmersville Wind Law amended soon after it is passed 12 Feb
Wyoming Bill to penalize utilities for renewable energy returns to Wyoming Legislature, quickly fails 12 Feb
South Dakota PUC conditions not followed 9 Feb
Prince Edward Island 'I hope they take it seriously': Wind farm proposal garners more than 70 submissions 9 Feb
Rhode Island Block Island Wind Farm to go offline in fall to rebury cable 9 Feb
Massachusetts Mass. lawmakers, Trump administration spar over Vineyard Wind review 7 Feb
Illinois Wind farm gets second rejection from DeWitt County Zoning Board 7 Feb
Maine Hopkins Pond property owners critical of Clifton wind project 7 Feb
USA Floating wind turbines poised to grow but hampered by costs 7 Feb
UK Council told off by Information Commissioner over Hendy Wind Farm response 7 Feb
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